Community Supporter Proposal

Community Supporter Proposal

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Proposal Information

This proposal is to create a small and flexible group of supporters to make the role inclusive and effective.

This is not meant to be a large swarm with tremendous overhead. Just an effective small team being adequately rewarded for doing a necessary job. The main reason for a small team is to address the the accountability hyperbole dilemma for ‘‘when it is everyone’s responsibility, it is no-one’s responsibility.’’

We have a lot of activity planned over the next month and we should be prepared.

As we onboard members we need people who are actively able to support onboarding and to bridge the gap where pollen still needs improvement such as telegram and the help channel.

Areas of Focus:

Telegram, Discord, and Discourse


  1. Model the values of an actively engaged 1hive member
  2. On board new members and help to answer questions
  3. Act on communities request and/or behalf of community for when moderation is needed.
  4. Manage and improve pinned postings for communication and updates

This is a very difficult position due to the tremendous visibility and ‘relatively’ good pay compared to most of 1hive jobs. To avoid the perception that this swarm is only for those who are part of the in-crowd there will only be 4 temporarily assigned positions and a budget for contracting temp support if needed:

One (1) Coordinator

  • Must individually be reelected each month
    • Maximum of a 4 month term
  • Creates the new proposal.
  • Coordinates among the team and 1hive the next position including announcements
    • such as who is first to step down
  • Minimaly updates pinned post, FAQ, and on-boarding new member documentation
  • Establish a fair payment method process for contracting temp support.
    • Such as measuring help activity
  • Must ensure timely weekly payouts
  • Ensure proper balance in coverage among discord, discourse, telegram
  • Enusures every supporter is individually fairly elected monthly for renewal into the role with the maximum stay of 3 months
  • Minimum of 1 moderator must step down or be removed from the team
    • After 1 month absence the member can rejoin the team for a max stay of 3 months

Four (4) Community Supporters

  • 1 must step down each month, all must individually be re-elected each month,
    • Maximum 3 month term
  • Responsible for onboarding/helping/moderating open and support discord channels, discourse, and telegram
  • Community is the primary moderator. Community supporters are just act on the request of the community but can independently help when they see something that is in violation of covenant.
  • If the supporter has any visibility that they will not be active for the entire duration of the month they should step down and/or pay reduced.
  • The supporters should not be inactive for more than 3 consecutive days and no more than 8 total days in a month. They are expected be present 7 days a week.
  • Role may only be active 10-20hrs a week but should be responsive

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Proposed Members

The following members have shown they are actively engaged in the community, are resourceful at finding the answers they may not know, and model 1hive values.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)


The budget was established assuming in a 24hr day 30 days in a month at $10 hr it would cost $7,200. We will not be requiring 24/7 coverage at $10/hr but we will have guidelines to what our expectations for coverage are documented above.

Consider = 24hrs * 30days * $10/hr = $7,200 = ~24 HNY (at $300 / hny)

  • Proposal is for 18 HNY = $5,400


  • Payout will be weekly to avoid complacency of large lump sum and consistency of payment and support activity.
  • 9 HNY for 3 supporters
    • 0.75 HNY per week per member (4 week duration)
  • 3 HNY for 1 additional member open to community (4 week duration)
  • 3 HNY for coordinator
    • 0.75 HNY per week (4 week duration)
  • 3 HNY for contracting temp support team
    • Held in moderator aragon DAO to allow team to remain small but agile and flexible.
    • If demand increases the team will have a minimal budget to contract some temporary additional support without being delayed by the voting process.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

Not established at this time


Thanks for writing this up Monstrosity, its something we need back to continue building community spirit and create an atmosphere that is inclusive to all new members.


Nice to see this in some way idea which will be great for this community that everyone can participate in this swarm every month to help new members to understand this DAO and how everything is working here.
If the last slot in this swarm is still available I have time and motivation to do all of the work this support member need to do and it will be my pleasure to help new members and to point them in the right direction.


Great thanks, we will keep this post open for a few days to collect feedback and I can get back to you then.


What will happen to fauna if this gets implemented?

Whatever fauna wants to do is up to them. I believe there is no funding for fauna right now. This obviously has a similar scope to fauna but we are working independently of fauna. Given this is a DAO we could have many different swarms functioning. As new ones can develop all the time offering a different approach.

Ok, eventho this is a DAO i do think when a new swarm is getting created that has similar purposes of an existing swarm that those 2 farms should be in contact with each other so there is no confusion when for example fauna starts their new proposal

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The problem linca, is that fauna does not want to step down or improve it swarm, or seeds wants to push it. we stick with swarm that are not active or try to improve it self.

we honestly don’t even know what fauna is. its not the problem of the community. its problem that few group wants to hold power inside the discord and don’t wants to give it out or try to improve.

its hurts the project and give bad example to the rest of community.

I personal spoke out and told seeds need to take action but they scared to move things out.

so we come up with this proposal hoping to move fauna or change things.

at the end its up to the community~~


Ok i understand, then i agree to get this going and then when fauna opens a new proposal it will be on them to show what value they can add on top of you guys


I love the strategy you wrote above, amazing work!
The part about reelecting the members is quite innovative organizational stuff.
I m thinking: I would love to see @ZER8 instead of Open Supporter Member.

@ZER8, what’s your discard name ? ^^

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Haha, we have talked before, I am the dude with the Romanian channel on 1Hive International server.

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yup, I remember you now. would be nice to have same name everywhere, ^^

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Is there a link to the proposal itself to vote?

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not yet. getting some feedback first. we will post it in the next few days

Yes, I will change it soon. Why did you ask for my discord id?:smiley:

Presumably you expect to have moderation privileges of each of the platforms as well as the current Fauna members? In which case I would propose we give this group the Fauna role on Discord and whatever privileges needed elsewhere and let Fauna keep their role as they haven’t abused their moderation privileges and have been reliable at moderating in the past. This group would then have access to the hidden Fauna channel to discuss moderation that needs to be done out of site of the community.

Curious if you had any other thoughts regarding coordinating privately amongst yourselves. This also opens up the Fauna channel a bit and kind of repurposes it as there’s a lot of discussion going on in there which I think could happen elsewhere. Current Fauna members please correct me if I’m wrong.

EDIT: In fact considering a few of you are Fauna members and nothing seems to be happening with Fauna, perhaps this could just be considered the new Fauna structure. Needs some conversation with Fauna of course.

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Yes, I think that is fine. As ‘community supporters’ step down if they are not actively disruptive they can remain in the fauna role as well ?

I don’t believe we had any intentions on having a private channel.

We haven’t had a specific conversation around this topic but in the past conversations around changing the dynamics of fauna have been less welcoming. We really don’t have any control over the fauna. We believe the structure of the supporter group will be more flexible and welcoming.

If you want to help change the fauna structure we will support you. :smile:


It’s been a while since I left Fauna, which powers were we holding again?

I just wanted to break down some of my thoughts regarding this proposal. I personally think we have grown as a community, to the point that Moderation does not require any additional funding. When the Fauna role was created, the community was still in its infant state. The community still had to be shaped; a lot of members were being onboarded, a lot of questions had to be answered, it was quite chaotic frankly. I think Fauna did an excellent job in regards to that, however as the community finally shaped up, moderation/support work started to dwindle. This raised questions on how much Fauna should actually be funded for.

I personally think that during the period of not much activity, Fauna was still doing a good job. Hence I was quite surprised on what the community thought of the last Fauna proposal. It’s only natural for there to be less moderation work when there is not much activity after all. Cutting down the budget did make sense, but unfortunately, it seemed like that didnt do the trick. Truth to be told, it did demotivate me a little bit at the start; I had been doing a lot of support/moderation work on both TG and Discord at the time.

I think in the end we decided to just let funding go and help out as much as we can, without any additional funding. If someone needed help, either a Fauna member or any other trusted community member would be able to help out. Even now, support is up to par and everyone seems to be giving a helping hand.

To get to the point, this proposal seems to be exactly the same, as to why Fauna was created in the first place. To me this just seems like a way to spend extra HNY from the common pool on something we don’t necessarily need funding for. Pollen already has a extra weight on the helping channels, which in my eyes is already enough incentive. We also have the nominations channels now to nominate unnoticed work.

I personally think we should just make the Fauna role more inclusive. Helpful community members can be onboarded. A larger group of Fauna members means that someone will always be available to help out or onboard new members. If that’s not the case, there will always be other helpful community members online to help out. At the end of the day, Fauna members would be just like any other members. There wouldn’t be much extra powers, just the ability to remove malicious content on Discord and Telegram.