Fluid Proposal - Paul2 active contributor

Proposal Link: Gardens

I’ve been a full time web3 contributor since April 2021, working mostly on 1Hive and all the cool stuff getting built here.

For me, April 2021 was the greatest month ever… it was the month I was unshackled from salaried work where I’d been selling my time and skills so that much larger shareholders could make a bunch of money.

Long before then I was excited about cryptocurrency, especially its use in solving the Public Goods Store of Value problem. When I first found 1Hive I was mostly excited about its potential to sustainably fund Public Goods.

Before then I’d heard of DAOs but I didn’t really understand or believe in the idea. After joining some open calls in 1Hive’s Discord, and some amazing early conversations with people here (@lkngtn and @gabi especially), I started to learn just how innovative 1Hive was as an organizational structure and how much it was capable of.

I’m quite committed to working on sustainable and scalable funding for public goods with crypto for the foreseeable, and feel that organizational structures like 1Hive will be key to getting us there.

Paul2’s web3 skills

  • Grants and Funding Proposals - finding and securing funding through the many generous shared treasuries in crypto.
  • Dune Analytics - creating SQL queries and setting up dashboards to help visualize stuff.
  • AMMs (especially Uni-v2 style) - how they work and how to use them to grow health and sustainable token liquidity.
  • The Graph - indexing, curating, delegating and querying on The Graph’s decentralized network.
  • Gnosis Safe - setting up and managing safes, Zodiac modules, auctions, transaction builder, and cross-chain operations
  • Smart Contracts - Remix, contract interactions, and thanks to ChatGPT very basic development.
  • Writing - announcements, tweet threads, articles, proposals, technical documentation, ridiculous quotes and useless Discord banter.
  • Cat Herding - assembling various decentralized value-producing nodes (AKA humans) to take some kind of action.
  • Other web3 tools I know really well:
    • Organizational: Notion, Dework, hackmd, Github, Vercel, Discourse, Discord, Telegram
    • Governance: Snapshot, Aragon, Moloch, gardens🌱
    • Token Tools: Superfluid, Hedgey, bridges, explorers, exchanges, lending/borrowing platforms.

Paul2’s availability

  • Dedicating ~30 hours/week to 1Hive’s public goods specifically
  • I can be reached on Discord (paul2#3057) Telegram (@pglavin2) or Twitter (@Paul_Glavin)

I’ll use this forum to post monthly updates on work I’ve completed and what I plan to work on in the coming month.

Proposal Link: Gardens


June 2023 EOM Summary

In the month of June I logged 55.5 hours for 1Hive.


Description: The Marquee is a digital message board app that anyone can pay to edit. The first version is being built for Honeyswap, and if it’s successful the next step is to grow it so any web3 community can add it to their website and earn money.
Github: GitHub - pglavin2/honeyswap-interface at pglavin2-web3marquee-demo
Hours: 41

  • Super scrappy proof of concept built from a scaffold-eth fork
  • Refined a beta version (with lots of help from chatGPT) for Honeyswap: added text area field to enter new message, set limit on # of characters, updated buttons to react to clicks and transaction results, cleaned up smart contract of scaffold-eth stuff that wasn’t needed.
  • lots and lots and lots and lots of trial and error
  • Worked with Felipe on his review and fixes for the App: make price changeable, change character limit from smart contract, add foundry, various cleaning and fixing of things I did poorly.
  • Shared app demo in 1Hive Discord, created thread in #honeyswap channel to chat about deployment there.


Hours: 7

  • Quests for deployment of Honeyswap on zksync (Quests) and reaching $1 million of transaction volume (Quests) - created 1hive funding proposals for 500 HNY for each, both passed.
  • Quests for deployment of Honeyswap on Optimism (Quests), Arbitrum (Quests), and Mainnet (Quests) - created forum posts for funding proposals for each, and posted Optimism to the garden (hasn’t passed yet).
  • Working with Felipe and Kev on deployment issues / open items for launch.


Hours: 4

  • Created initial mockups and a pitch deck for gardens v2 vision. Conversations with Gabi, Felipe, Kev, Matias and other 1Hivers on how to improve.
  • Initial conversations with existing gardens DAOs on v2.
  • Onboarding Kev and Matias to gardens swarm
  • Conversations with the Deep Work team on collaborating on a conviction voting app for v2 gardens


Hours: 2

  • Coordinated Gnosis Safe transactions and approvals to bridge GRT from gardens mainnet safe to gnosis chain and add hiveWater<>GRT LP on Honeyswap: (Honeyswap Analytics)

1hive General:

Hours: 1.5

  • Created a Quest that pays out to anyone who gets a grant for 1hive. Proposed to Common Goods gnosis safe to fund the Quest for 100 HNY which was approved (Quests)

July 2023 Goals


  • Launch beta app on Honeyswap and claim our first fees
  • Find some web3 communities interested in adding to their own websites
  • Start building Marquee v1


  • Serve as Project Manager and securer-of-funds for work on v2 - aiming for a milestone #1 completion by the end of August.
  • Significant advancements made on the UI, smart contracts, subgraphs, and all components of v2 in the month of July.


  • Finish deployment on zksync Era mainnet and help with launch announcements on social media
  • Find communities on zksync interested in shared liquidity there

1Hive General

  • Continue supporting any operations at 1Hive where I’m needed.

July 2023 EOM Summary

July hours for 1Hive: 47


Hours: 29


Hours: 5.5


Hours: 5.5

  • Information deck on what / why / how for hiveWater: hiveWater.pptx - Google Slides
  • Worked with Treasury Swarm to swap portion of Honey being held for treasury diversification into hiveWater.
  • Conversations with @lkngtn on pros and cons of recreating a Honey endowment using Balancer pools and the Honey token itself

1Hive General:

Hours: 7

  • Superfluid subscriptions newly launched by Superfluid - played around with setting up a $5/mo. subscription for 1Hive. Set up a role in Guild to let us gate channels in Discord to subscribers only. Shared in #tea channeled, consensus not to implement.
  • honeyswap.org domain - worked with @lkngtn on transferring domain
  • Fluid Proposals - proposed funding with HNY from Harvest Season 2 which passed and worked with @kamikazebr and @gabi on restarting streams.

1Hive expenses I covered:

  • $60.00 - July 2 - Vercel Pro Plan monthly payment
  • $11.16 - July 21 - Domain Transfer for honeyswap.org

Goals for August 2023

  1. Gardens v2 - agree on a direction and start building.
  2. More liquidity for the Honey token, through hiveWater and/or other system to be worked out with @lkngtn Honey Liquidity - Google Docs
  3. Honeyswap - work with PGN Alliance and our team on a PGN Honeyswap deployment
  4. Marquee - propose adding to Gardens UI, let gardens collect funding for their own Marquee.
  5. Refill Funding for Fluid Proposals with a Conviction Voting proposal

Is this stuff valuable?

hell yeah! > support my fluid proposal Gardens

hell no! > reply what I can do better :pray:


I’m currently supporting your proposal. I really appreciate all the work and effort you put into the community!

However, I will also give feedback because you asked for it and because its hard to prioritize without proper feedback:

  • I’m not sold on the direction for gardens v2 at all
  • I’m concerned about hiveWater (but i’m encouraged by our discussions about it and Honey liquidity)
  • I’m pretty ambivalent about Marquee
  • I’m stoked you took over the honeyswap.org domain, I’m pretty ambivalent about deployment to PGN/zksync, but I do like the use of Quests. I also liked the idea of trying to create more honeyswap-centric community distinct from 1Hive.
  • If I were to suggest my preferred priorities, I would say optimizing the ux of streaming proposals would be my highest priority, aligning on a strategy/narrative around Honey liquidity, and figuring out who owns gardens v1 / 1hive protocol development if the gardens swarm intends to abandon it in favor of working on gardens v2.