1Hive Harvest 🌼 - Season 2

1Hive Harvest :blossom: - Season 2

Proposal Information

Proposal Link:

Proposal Description and Rationale:
This proposal is to fund the second season of 1Hive Harvest :blossom: - a quarterly retroactive funding for the DAO.

The proposal is for 10% of the Common pool to stream to contributors who created value at any time in the past, but that was realized by 1Hive over the last 3 months.

The purpose of Harvest is to improve the DAO’s collective decision-making ability by streaming governance tokens to the members of the community who are best able to govern a better future for 1Hive, and to reward contributors for creating value so that they’ll keep doing it.

The first season of 1Hive Harvest sparked a surge of governance activity after the 2nd of 5 proposals was disputed, and after 5 rounds of appeals in Celeste, was eventually rejected on the basis that splitting proposals bypasses the intent of the conviction voting parameters at 1Hive. On conversations that came out of this dispute, the Spending Limit at 1Hive was increased from 10% to 20%.

Harvest Season 2 Details:

  • Timeframe: rewarding value realized between August 18, 2022 and December 16, 2022.
  • Any swarm, working group, or individual can apply for Harvest Funding by creating a Signaling Proposal in the 1Hive Garden that links to a forum post showing work they’ve done during the time period, and how it created value for 1Hive.
  • A snapshot of relative conviction for Harvest Funding proposals will be taken on December 16, 2022 at 19:00 UTC.
  • The retroactive funding multisig will then set up HNY streams that vest over a 12-month period based on signaling proposal results.
  • Harvest Funding recipients are free to distribute HNY streams among themselves in the way they think is best. A popular option is with Coordinape.
  • Proposals will use this template to apply for funding.

Why is Retroactive Funding a good idea?

  • Value is easier to measure after it’s created. 1Hive can be more confident that HNY is being well spent compared to funding proposals that compensate work in the future.
  • Better accountability and feedback. The community gets a more direct feedback system for signaling what it wants to see more of.
  • Creating a culture of value creation. People at 1Hive can feel free to do work they think will bring value to 1Hive and be confident that they’ll be rewarded if it does.
  • Incentivizing long term growth. Compensating with vesting tokens means that swarms and contributors are financially linked to long term growth in the price of HNY.
  • Improving DAO Governance In order for the cybernetic organism of 1Hive to self-improve, governance weight should flow in the direction of contributors currently creating the most value.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
December 16, 2022, 19:00 UTC - snapshot taken of Harvest proposals. Vesting streams will be set up shortly after.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Multisig signers:

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
Multisig has been managing funds for both Season 1 and the Pilot.

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested:
936 HNY

10% of the Common Pool

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

Gnosis Safe, 4 of 10 signers

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
Funds will be held in the Gnosis Safe until Harvest is complete. Streams will then be set up using Superfluid.

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Now that we have Fluid Proposals wouldn’t it be worth it to replace the Harvest by ongoing Streams for each of the swarms using this method?

I think that mixing both incentivization mechanisms could be great, meaning that:

  • Each swarm / working group creates a Fluid Proposal that is updated with a new post each 3 months with the Harvest Proposal Template.
  • If there is a working group that does not publish an upgrade, their proposal should be disputed in Celeste.
  • Swarms share their earnings among the contributors as usual when they received the Harvest, doing a coordinape, or in any form they consider appropriate.

Sem and I chatted this morning on integrating Fluid Proposals and Harvest and we talked about the following setup:

  • Fluid Proposals for ongoing swarm funding which 1Hive uses to signal where they think future value will come.
  • Continuing Harvest each 3 months, which 1Hive uses to signal where past value came. Funding for this can come from its own Fluid Proposal going forward.
  • Adopt the Harvest application template for Fluid Proposals, and either enforcing or encouraging seasonal updates to keep Fluid streams active, which would also serve as their Harvest application.

In this setup, we still need this funding proposal to fund the current round of Harvest, but can create a Fluid Proposal stream for Harvest which would then fund the next season and onward.

People will still be able to apply for Harvest in future seasons without having a Fluid Proposal, for instance if they’re not a swarm that’s doing ongoing work.

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For Season 3 it would be cool to look into distributing Honey through a Gitcoin Grants round: Introduction to Grants Protocol



Yes, it would be very interesting. Let’s do it! Idk if the protocol is ready to be used, but I will ask.The public launch is next year afaik. Very excited to help

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Cool, the next Harvest will be in February. If it’s still in beta then, maybe we could be added as a beta round creator?

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Yes, that would be awesome. Will ask what the process is

Updating this to move the snapshot date back a month to Friday, December 16.

The delay was mainly from the 2 weeks our Common Pool was done, when funding for this would’ve needed to go through to meet the original date (AKA today :slightly_smiling_face:)

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The proposal hasn’t gotten enough support to pass in time for today’s snapshot date.

I propose we move the snapshot date back to 16 February, 2023, which would effectively turn Harvest Season 2 from a 3-month season to a 6-month season since the original snapshot was set for November.

Given how little activity there’s been in 1Hive the past few months, this would push back retroactive funding far enough to encourage new activity without ignoring the contributions people made over the last time period.

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this is a great idea… especially for community development!


I propose we fund this Harvest round using Fluid Proposals as @sem suggested originally:

Given how few active contributors there are right now this will be way easier to run than the very manual approach I set up in Season 1 (signaling proposals + manual multisig transactions from Superfluid).

To make this happen we’d just need to:

  1. Upgrade HNY in Harvest multisig (Safe{Wallet} – Assets) to HNYx
  2. Send HNYx to Fluid Proposals agent (Contract Address 0xbbe952af0c37cf15f9d9ea18f1dcf6513ae7510e | GnosisScan)

Any objections to going this route?

More on Fluid Proposals:


I like this plan, I think at the scale we are currently operating at just having individuals or small groups put up streaming proposals would work well. It reduces a lot of the friction of proposals like harvest but with less administrative overhead.


Thanks for suggestion paul! I think it would be better if we make things less complicated for all of us. I’ll discuss with @solarmkd @mrtdlgc and @DogeKing to create a fluid proposal for Buzz. As much as I love 1Hive and our mission I’ve been running our twitter for almost a year pro-bono and would like to incorporate this in the proposal.


I think you guys should consider individual Fluid Proposals for each of you.

There’s few enough people contributing at 1Hive, and most of us working across products, that I think that’ll be easier to track and fund. We can all just list our contributions each month regardless of which 1Hive swarm / product we’re working on.


Sure. That would be cool. How do you propose I incorporate the retropayments in the fluid proposal? :slight_smile:

In the forum post for the Fluid Proposal you can list out your past activity that still hasn’t been paid for - I’ll do this for my Fluid Proposal soon but but check out how Felipe’s done it with his EOM summaries: Fluid Proposal - Felipe Novaes Rocha active contributor

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