Terra DAO 3rd Proposal

Proposal Information


This is the 3rd Proposal of Terra DAO, and not a “monthly” proposal, as more than two months have passed since our previous proposal. And it is pretty likely that this proposal will also probably be extended like the previous one. Despite HNY value going down, we have managed to survive for longer than expected :smiley:


This proposal will be for the continuation of the Terra DAO. This DAO was established to be centered around rewarding translations based on metrics discussed in this proposal. The main goals of Terra have been to translate documentation from other swarms, keep the wiki updated in every language, and act like “ambassadors” in communities, who feel excluded due to the language barrier.

The idea has been to set up a bounty system like the one being used in Buzz. All the lists of completed bounties can be seen on our Notion board.

The past two months has been one of the busiest for Terra DAO, always at work to provide the community with translations of the most important articles and updates. Every bounty for translations has been claimed and delivered in a very short amount of time. Most translations are in Spanish, Turkish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, but a few bounties have been opened for Romanian as well. Plus, we have migrated to Colony due to the bugs we encountered in our Aragon DAO.

Here a list of the original articles, translated in the aforementioned languages:

Note: In the previous proposal, we requested most of the funding in anticipation of Agave platform and its upcoming Wiki. As it was delayed, we decided to become flexible and used those funds for the translation of Agave Weekly Updates in addition to the tutorials.

For the payments of translations, we have checked and established an industry standard, which is around $0.11 per word; and the total breakdown of all the translations payments can be seen in this sheet: Terra Payments

After experiencing some problems with the Medium platform, on April 13th the Swarm had a community call and decided to create a Gitbook page to collect all its material. (We haven’t done this yet as Medium recovered our account and we actually want to use Medium; but if they do so in the future, we will migrate to Gitbook as the safest platform.)

In the following weeks, 1Hive will be expanding with the launch on Polygon and the new sustainable farming on both xDai and Polygon networks. As these farms will be unique, there will be new documentation and promotional texts, which will come from Buzz DAO as well. Accordingly, we will continue to translate these articles and also update Honeyswap section in the Wiki to our selected languages.

We also expect new developments from Agave and their continuation of Weekly Updates until the platform launch. So, as we have done so far, we will also maintain the translation of Agave articles on our international social channels.

Another thing we will be undertaking will be the weekly recaps and translations of these into languages we believe will be useful. We think those weekly recaps are rather valuable in disseminating information about what’s going on in 1Hive, especially considering the fact that we do not have a full-detailed Roadmap. We will be doing this by setting up bounties as we have done during the previous period.


Members of Terra DAO

  • lEscanore: Translations Lead, Multi Linguist & Demographic Expert
  • Boring877: Accounts and Management, Multi Linguist
  • Mrtdlgc: Translation Expert, Researcher
  • Doge: Management
  • Stonky: Translation Expert, Multi Linguist
  • Armaggan: Turkish Translator
  • Bugonasafari: Turkish Translator
  • Enti: Spanish Translator
  • Omahs: French Translator
  • Dw: Portuguese Translator
  • Amoxa: German Translator
  • Fried: German Translator + QA
  • Stonky: Italian Translator +QA
  • Goldoni: Italian Translator
  • Zer8: Romanian Translator
  • Solarmkd: Romanian Translator
  • Hernando: Spanish QA
  • Etsyo: Turkish QA
  • Merve: French QA
  • Luigy: Portuguese QA

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested: Total of 25 HNY at a current average of 500$ per Honey

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Above mentioned funds to be allocated for translations and Weekly Recaps are inclusive of other duties, which are not possible to be measured by hourly rates or rates per word, but rather require occasional full-time dedication.

Link to the Proposal: Honey Pot


I am very happy of the work we’ve been doing, glad to be part of this team!

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Nice job. Doing many articles translations and the previous funding is used for 2 months.

Translation as a main way to dialogue is the most important factor of sustainability for communities. Well done!
I’m curious how can I participate on it? I’ve been talking and explaining about what is happening on 1hive community for few months… I’ve met people every week… It would be good if there are articles in Persian that give the most basic information to Iranians crypto community.

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Our coordination mainly takes place on Discord #terra channel. And yes, our main purpose is to be as inclusive as possible within our means. I don’t see any reason why not we should not cover Farsi translations as well :slight_smile: Especially with BrightID, I am aware of the presence of a great Farsi speaking community at 1Hive. And you guys are always certainly welcome.

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Hey there, thanks for the detailed proposal!

While I agree that translation is important to the community. I’m wondering if there are any metrics (e.i the amount of view per translated article), since we’re mainly an English and Spanish community. I would love to see how the translation to another language is impacting us.

Yea sure. But although it’s not possible to give an overall metrics as most of these articles are published through different accounts; I can share some metrics about Turkish translations as mainly I have access to those metrics myself.

The following are the metrics of our Turkish publication under 1Hive international Medium account:

The following are the metrics of our Turkish publication under Agave international Medium account:

And the following are the metrics of our relatively new Turkish Twitter account:

In addition to these, like I have mentioned in the proposal, members of Terra are also providing support in their respective communities. For instance, I get several messages in a day from various people about things related to 1Hive, Agave and xDai in general.


Thanks for the quick responses. I love metrics like this, this is more views than I thought, Good work!
I’ll add my support to the proposal later on :slight_smile:

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Hey Felix
The metrics reflect the impact of each community on 1hive are exactly what I was thinking when writing this post.

Glad to see we have two beez handling romanian translation hope we need more. I hope to get more romanians interested in 1hive and DAOs in general, but they are to busy reading about Akita and Shiba

Terra has been a pleasure to work with:D

Incidentally, the issue of translation in simple language is very important for the members of the community. If this issue can be finalized and resolved, it will solve some of the major problems of the community in dealing with the content.
Because when presenting suggestions and ideas, we, who are not English, have difficulty translating and understanding the subject
In this regard, we are at your service with Persian translation if we can help

Vivo en Chile , mi lengua nativa es el español , si puedo ayudarlos de alguna manera no dudes en contactarme.

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