Morphosis, Data Science Course: Lecture 4 Machine Learning

:butterfly: Morphosis, Data Science Course: Lecture 4 Machine Learning

:computer: Lecture 4: Machine Learning

:eye:‍ Goals and Agendas

Machine learning is a method of programming a computer in which, instead of a human programmer explicitly encoding the desired behavior, the computer learns the proper instructions to optimize the desired behavior based on past observations recorded in the data that it sees.

Machine learning allows novice user to essentially program computers using data. This means that, given some data containing examples of how one wants the computer to behave, one can β€œteach” the computer to behave that way using the data.

In this lecture we will introduce regression and Classification algorithms, and will explain what Supervised and unsupervised training methods are. You can read this post to have an introduction to Machine Learning Classification Algorithms.

You can find 3 Jupyter Notebooks for Lecture4 as well as the music.csv file we will be using during the class.

Github repo link

:timer_clock: Lecture 4: Date & Time:

Date Day Start End
2/08/2021 Monday 7:00PM UTC 8:30PM UTC

* Please make sure you are on time.

:world_map: Lecture 4: Location & Student

The location where the data science course is at 1Hive discord.

  • Go to Social Rooms, Then Under the Arcade channel you should see the Classroom channel.
  • Please note that you need to have the Student Role to be able to see it.

:man_teacher: Instructor:

Santi Garcia

:ok_man:Organizing & managing:

Boring, solarmkd & Blazar


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:grin: Attendance:

We are planning to use POAP Wallet for proof of Attendance, POAP is a software system that allows humans to collect badges (in the form of non fungible tokens) every time they participate in an activity, in person or remotely.

If you have 5 whole minutes, you can watch @gomox_ar explain POAP at an EthCC Lightning Talk in March 2019.


Credit: @santigs

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