Morphosis, Data Science Course: Lecture 1 Python Environment

:butterfly:Morphosis, Data Science Course: Lecture 1 Python Environment

I would like to start thanking people who took the time and register for our Data Science course at :butterfly: Morphosis swarm. Thank you :two_hearts:

:computer: Lecture 1: Python Environment

:eye:‍ Goals and Agendas

1. Check and install python

2. Set up a Virtual Environment

3. Install Libraries

4. Write your code

5. Run your code

:timer_clock: Date & Time:

Date Day Start End
1/18/2021 Monday 7:00PM UTC 8:30PM UTC
Please make sure you are on time.

:world_map: Location & Student

The location where the data science course is on 1Hive discord.

  • Go to Social Rooms, Then Under the Arcade channel you should see the Classroom channel.

  • Please note that you have to have the Student Role to be able to see it

:man_teacher: Instructor: Santi Garcia

:ok_man:Organizing & managing: Boring & solarmkd & Blazar


metaverde#2503 , Kryptobi#8819, D0$H#6257, Goldoni#0347, WhyldWanderer#7002, Boring#877, gabi#4807, sandpiper#3969, solarmkd#5631, Dw#9146, Krrea#3097, currico#0349, monstrosity :honeybee:#5714

I Will try to message each one of them to see if they have any question.

Useful Links:

Python Data Science Course Syllabus

Lecture1 Notes

:butterfly:Morphosis notes

Morphosis: Data Analysis Course

Morphosis funding proposal


Looking forward to the first lecture. Thanks @boring877


I don’t see where to pick the student role…

ask solar to give to you for now

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Please massage me :wink:


lol, thats why you dont write on the weekend o((>ω< ))oo((>ω< ))o

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Feeling sassy because I already have all that installed, but also I know that I can break it by Monday too.


Oh man, all those 1Hive peeps with data analysis skills? Dangerous. In the beat of ways. Decisions will continue to be be more data driven everywhere. It’s a competitive advantage to test more hypothesis with data.

1Hive Calendar

This links to my personal calendar…
Is that how the link works?
(I’m old… where’s the remote?)

yup, kind of in way. you should check the box for 1hive calendar.

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My phone’s not saving edits.
I’ll do it on my computer later.
I keep forgetting to save our calendar link. It will be great to have it integrated.

Could we use miniconda instead of anaconda?

Does miniconda have Jupyter notebooks?
And do you have an IDE for Python?
I think that’s all you need there.
Not sure though.

I have vscode for python with plugins…
Miniconda doesn’t come with jupyter, at the core, it is only the conda installer and a few packages, sort of like a minimal version of Anaconda. I think I would be able to get jupyter notebooks set up, after running conda install -c conda-forge notebook

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