Proposal: Buzz DAO

This is for the proposal for the Buzz DAO. Please see the link below for all the information. Nothing is set in stone, and we would love discussion from the community :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to read this and providing your input.


This may not be the place for this but, where does strategic planning for project roadmap fall? Is this in scope for the buzz DAO? I know we have some funding set aside for some dev work but most is geared around marketing and if/when we establish a project roadmap where does that interaction occur with the buzz DAO? for example if we were to do a fork of Aave, or Synthetix, or a gambling app. Which of these should we do first which are within the buzz scope and how do we ensure we optimize our efforts or does it mater?

We will be working on what comes first, we should prepare the marketing campaigns well before any product is launched and then we will just be ready to take that on another level and execute the marketing campaigns with a planned strategy and clean roadmaps.


Very impressive, professional proposal. I like how everything is thought out

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The proposal looks great and I agree with the most part of it. Just curious if there is a plan for if/when HNY moons again. If it does hit $1k+ in the near future, our community managers will be making the same money as full-stack developers in other markets.

On top of that, if you need help with marketing campaigns and giveaways feel free to hit me up. I have been working on these things for the past 3-4 years in the crypto space and I know a thing or two about growing your follower base. All services provided to Honeyswap in the marketing department on my behalf will remain free for as long as the project exists so feel free to use them whenever you need help.

One last thought - It is crucial that we focus our marketing efforts on those that are into DeFi because regular crypto users are having a hard time understanding sidechains and bridges. Rational spending and a clear demographic analysis can produce maximum results with minimal investments.


What do we think of splitting this up into monthly proposals rather than a single 3 month proposal? 3 months is a long time. The value of HNY could change dramatically, and the roadmap/plans for buzz itself may change a lot from month to month.

1 month at a time would also make the proposal easier to pass, and spread out issuance over a longer time period.


Every does better when Honey grows in popularity, not just the people growing the popularity.

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I agree with you. Splitting it up into monthly proposals could be more efficient .

Woah there! Who is the owner of this address 0xc25960e595718ac2d4a57d1f6e727704541d0a2b? Presumably it’s @Blazar as they are the treasurer. They have 66% of the voting rights and will be able to independently transfer the DAO’s funds and decide who is and isn’t granted voting rights in the DAO. However trusted they are, this is crypto, not the real world, there is no recourse for funds being stolen here and this can lead to unfair distribution of funds.

If you need funds set aside that are more quickly accessible, you should set up a separate entity and transfer smaller amounts to them. I am yet to fully investigate this proposal but there’s no way I’m voting on it with this distribution of voting weight in the DAO. The members should each have equal voting rights and should be prepared to vote often, as in other DAO’s.

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Under “Streamlining Interfaces” reads:

Integration of the XDAI Fiat on-ramp (and soon off-ramp). We can also integrate
honey into this, and modify fees. See our tutorial video for the ramp here.

What do you mean by “we can also integrate honey into this”?

The idea is that we can try to negotiate a fee from ramp if somebody bought crypto with fiat from ramp by using our landing page and those funds can be transfered to honey, so it’s a side revenue for honey holders. Additionally we can get honey on ramp so people can buy it with fiat.

Okay, that’s not clear, I suggest updating the document to something like:

Integration of the XDAI Fiat on-ramp (and soon off-ramp). We will negotiate for some of the fees paid by users using ramp through our website and send it to the common pool. We will also try to get HNY added to the tokens available through ramp.

Hey Will,

Thanks for your concern here, i’m still in the process of transfering the DAO tokens to the other members, but the structure is as follows:

The Buzz DAO will be organized using a club structure utilizing a bumblebee (president), keeper (treasurer), and buzz captain (secretary) that members of the Buzz DAO will vote into power.

Votes can be called at any time by any member, but will continue into perpetuity unless a motion is brought forward. The club will hold majority rights over the Buzz DAO (51%). The other members of the buzz dao will hold the remaining (49%).

Would this system still be of concern to you? The intent with the setup we have is quicker access to funds in the event we have a campaign that we can capitalize on. We could look at choosing either full proportional representation, or have another 1 or 2 trusted members that have a higher voting power for this purpose.

And yes will you got it right on the xdai fiat on-ramp. We will also consider a campaign for the fiat on-ramp as well such as a $20 in HNY bonus for every $1000 deposit through the ramp as an example.

As for funding, no problem. I’ve broken it up into 1 month, updated proposal on the doc, and here.

This is not what a DAO should be like, you can’t call this a DAO if you guys hold the majority rights. Every member of the buzz DAO should have a token with the same voting power.


I don’t think anyone should vote on this proposal until this is finalised and the voting weight is distributed as specified.

How many members will have voting weight in the DAO? If its only a few I think equal vote weight to be enough and to save confusion. If its a lot then it may be useful to create the structure you’re suggesting.

Also I’m unsure how you will implement that, adding new users that aren’t club members would require rebalancing everyone’s vote tokens. Also voting out/in a club member would require atleast one of the current club members to agree, since the community effectively only has 49% of the vote.

No worries, i’ve burnt my tokens until we can figure out the weighting/distribution. So dosh, me, and solar have equal share as of now.


I can speak for myself that this proposal passing would motivate me to start putting in at least the kind of time I was putting in late October/November again. I didn’t earn as much cred as some of my peers who were contributing about the same or in some cases less value than myself, in my opinion. I also think it is a good idea to further separate Buzz to give us the flexibility to move more quickly and get more organized.

Having clearly defined short term goals with built in rewards for those who helped realize them is going to be great for ramping up our market reach.


Members for the Buzz DAO have been updated to equal share and are the following:

  • Blazar, Dosh, Solarmkd, Davidking, Metaverde



:honeybee: This is solid work.

Great presentation and direction.

We need to share this to everyone


Excellent, well written. Congrats everyone.
Looks like proposal will pass in 2,5 days.

Let’s bring HNY back to its true value! :honeybee: