Buzz Dao Proposal #3

Please see our other proposals and highlights here: Proposal: Buzz DAO

Buzz Dao is ready for a new round of funding to expand our initiatives to grow 1Hive! We will continue to push our marketing agenda to grow 1Hive and benefit everyone in this great community. Please see the following details for our proposal including new initiatives, requested funding, and our new accomplishments to date from our last update (including analytics).

New Initiatives:

Youtuber Blitz

  • Media information will be created so that its very easy for youtubers to understand what’s being built in 1hive, and what all it is trying to accomplish (introduction, tokenomics, DAO, side projects & partnerships [agave/dripp farm/beezu/artis/matic/chainlink], farming & farming token, multichain swaps & multiple honeyswap deployments)
  • ‘10 videos in 10 days’
  • Medium to large exposure youtubers

Increased exposure initiatives

  • Small airdrops and/or quests to build hype (discord/telegram)
  • Build out reddit, 4chan, telegram & other crypto social media channels to increase exposure
  • Get the word out into groups with good fundamentals (into the Cryptoverse)
  • Timed initiatives for releases (example: increased buzz around agave launch, farming launch [including airdrop], multi-chain swaps)
  • Announcements from announcement channels upon releases or launches of new products/projects
  • Wide adoption marketing campaign proposal (Pauly)
    • Articles published on different websites (, bitcoinist, newsbtc, decrypt, cointelegraph etc.)

More buzz bounties for community members

  • Youtube video creation
  • Medium article creation
  • Continuation of bi-weekly recap

More incentives for community members to get involved

  • Any kind of media exposure will be rewarded proportional to the exposure gained (no one has to ask permission to create content, just prove your exposure and you will be rewarded)
    • Example: a 1hive youtube video gets 50k views, if confirmed unique viewers and there is growth in the ecosystem, we will offer honey as compensation, say 3-5HNY

Using the analytics built out on our pages

  • Adding analytics to Agave landing page

Discord partnership program

  • Fill out the documentation for the discord partnership program which rewards well-moderated and engaged servers with recognition and extra tools to help them invest in their community

Agave marketing

  • Build out social media channels
  • Partnership organization & marketing upon releases
    • Documenting meetings, creating source materials for releases
  • Send out information on official channels (twitter, reddit, telegram, etc. when required)
  • Establish bounties for marketing strategies
    • Referral bounty & lending/collateral bounty

Requested Funding:

  • Total funding requested: 55HNY
    • Youtuber Blitz - 20HNY
    • Increased Exposure Initiatives - 10HNY
    • Buzz Bounties - 5HNY
    • Community Incentives - 5HNY
    • Buzz DAO Payments - 15HNY

Funding is an approximation, can change at any time as required by buzz dao members

New accomplishments to Date:

  • Partnerships with Matic, Xion Finance, Unicrypt, Connext, Shenanagin
  • 135 users completed welcome bounty
  • 8 users completed ramp bounty
  • 10 bounties have been completed, 3 in progress, and 7 remaining
  • Continued growth on social media channels:
    • over 2500 views on Publish0x
    • over 5700 views on Honeyswap medium with over 5000 minutes read
    • over 25000 users entering the honeyswap landing page including organic growth from SEO (over 75%)
    • airdrops on discord which were promoted on different social medias to increase discord exposure


The following is a brief summary of the statistics as mentioned above in new accomplishments to date.

Medium article views past 30 days

Post views on Publish0x

Users entering the Honeyswap landing page

Users entering landing page by medium - demonstrating natural growth from SEO

Organic growth over 75% on landing page

Landing page user interaction

Discord growth over time


Thank you for your continued support, if you have any questions or concerns we look forward to your feedback.


Thanks for putting this together. All the Unicrypt Youtuber videos referencing honeyswap was a big win imo. Nice work.

Can you provide a bit more insight on how these initiatives would be paid out? Would it be similar to bounties. As anyone completes a task they would be compensated?


Hey Monstro, good question. I think establishing them as bounties would be best for transparency. We would like to make it though regardless of if a bounty has been established that anyone can participate and ‘generate buzz’ that they can be rewarded for their exposure generated for the community. That would have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis though, especially if its something that happened retroactively. We recommend though that anyone that has an idea for buzz submit it to the bounty request form here, and that way the buzz team can review and add the bounties as community members think of ideas for exposure.


What amazing work you all have been doing.
1Hive has been very active lately.
Yay BuzzDAO.


I like it. I think the budget is more than reasonable, and I think right now is a great time to expand our marketing initiatives :slight_smile:

I will be supporting this at some point, although I like many others have hny tied up in a lot of places right now.


amazing Blazar, now’s the time!

Thanks for the detailed info

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Hi, your idea is fantastic and very high, I’m the team that I collaborate with the completion of an article on the spread of the 1hive specialized community to the public community, and we will also have other ideas to complete the shortage of existence, hopefully wisdom of our efforts to go to the goal. Thanks to your idea and function.

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fantastic, i like this proposal

for remember i have create a topic on popular bitcointalk forum, please pm me if he need an update


Sounds like a great plan, let’s do this.

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This is a well thought out and detailed proposal you’ve put together - nice job! You guys have my support.


Hey, @Blazar seeing the work the swarm has done so far is great. Thanks for sharing all those metrics. I’m supporting partially this proposal as I see the potential of keeping investing in marketing. Regardless I would like to encourage more clarity on the scope of the initiatives. I was surprised about the amount requested for Youtuber Blitz, most likely I don’t have the full picture but seems an expensive initiative in comparison with the rest of the amounts requested.

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Excelente propuesta, estoy de acuerdo asi se incentiva el arduo trabajo de dar a conocer 1hive.

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Hey Gabi,

Indeed the youtubers can be quite expensive (or any paid article from a reputable source for that matter). For example if we were to request a video from Chico, we’d be looking at 0.25BTC or about 15k just for that. We are however exploring our options and reaching out to tons of different content creators to try to find the best value for the most exposure. Ideally i’d like to see quite a few different videos, maybe staggered for the different releases as 1Hive has so much coming up in the next few months. I think it’s important to get this exposure though to capitalize on the bull run. These youtube videos have had a really positive effect on some of these crypto projects, and theres a lot here under the surface thats difficult to understand or find for people that these videos or guides can really help people grasp the concepts and bring them into this ecosystem (as there are still lots of barriers to entry as we are on layer 2’s).


This is what I like about this community !! Hardworking people who care and are aware of everyone. I am here to help in whatever way I can so that 1Hive can succeed


Thanks a lot for taking the time to give a detailed explanation. I indeed underestimate the costs.

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It has very nice founds. Good project.

I am amazed by this project, it will undoubtedly be one of the best, thanks for the contribution.

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Thank you for bring us this new information and you trying protect us. We appreciate it.