Streaming Proposals Pilot ⛲️

Streaming Proposals Pilot :fountain:

Proposal Information

This proposal is requesting funds for a pilot to test a new proposal type (Streams) that uses Superfluid protocol and Conviction Voting to create continuous flows of Honey.

Proposal Rationale

This proposal improve the Honey protocol by adding a new type of proposal. This new proposal type benefit the community by reducing the extra work of certain contributions that need a continue flow of funds. An example of the extra work is the creation of multiple funding proposals and the community involvement on the discussions.

The development work is ready:

A deployment with the latest changes can be tested here: Gardens

Team Information

Gardens swarm members roles and responsibilities.

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested:
450 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
Gardens swarm Safe: 0x1B8C7f06F537711A7CAf6770051A43B4F3E69A7e

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
A new Aragon DAO was created and will have the same signers as the Garden swarm Safe. The requested funds will be transfer to the Agent app. The DAO also has a Superfluid Aragon App installed that handles the communication with the Superfluid protocol.

To use Superfluid protocol, tokens needs to be converted into Super tokens. The requested HNY will be wrapped and converted to Super Honey and then transfer from the Safe to the Agent of the new DAO.


We did some analysis on the Flow Settings we want to start the Pilot with. If you are interested in also play with the settings and provide feedback, here is the desmos we use: Fluid Proposals

The first 3 params are the interesting to adjust, those are:

  • F → The maximum amount of tokens that can flow to a proposal
  • G → The minimum amount of tokens staked on a proposal to start the stream of funds
  • s → The number of tokens staked on a proposal

Then the red line is the target rate (aka target flow rate per month). And the green line is the current rate (aka current flow rate per month).

The X axis is express on seconds. Note that we calculate the decay (alpha) so the flow rate reach 50% of target in 10 days (864000 seconds). Here is a second desmos with that calculations of the decay if you are interested: Conviction Decay

My current stance for the Flow Settings are:

  • decay → 10 days to reach 50% of target rate
  • maxRatio (aka maximum amount of tokens flowing per month on a single proposal) → 5% of Common Pool (~430 tokens)
  • minStakeRatio (aka minimum amount of stake a proposal need to start flowing funds) → 2.5% of Total Support (~140 tokens)

Note that 5% of Common Pool for maxRatio sound like a lot. But in fact if you review with the desmos using realistic amount of tokens staked on a proposal (~ 350-850 tokens) the flow rate per month will be 2-3% of Common Pool. Getting to the 5% mark get a lot harder.


The Pilot officially started and we already have two proposals: