Updates to SourceCred

Updates to SourceCred

Over the past few weeks, @befitsandpiper & the Pollen swarm have been making extensive adjustments to sourcecred to make it more fair for everyone, and to reduce the effectiveness of people trying to game the system. The following is a change log that can be used to track the differences as SourceCred continues to change. As any changes or updates happen, the post will be edited to include new info as a new version. We would love your feedback on how sourcecred has been for you so far, and potential changes you would be interested in seeing. Thanks for your input as we work hard to make this as effective as possible for everyone.

Proposed Changes to SourceCred (Version 1.6):

For the week of November 23rd and onwards

  • Cred budgeting
    • As proposed by mZ, cred budgeting partitions the total new minted cred into plugin level buckets.
      • Github plugin up to 200 cred
      • Discord plugin up to 150 cred
      • Discourse plugin up to 150 cred

Changes to Last Distribution (Version 1.5):

For the week of November 9th and onwards

  • Immediate policy replaced with recent policy with 30% decay factor
  • Switched to 25HNY recent & 8HNY balanced ratio

Changes to Last Distribution (Version 1.4):

Changes for the week of November 4th and onwards

  • Reduce payout from 50HNY to 33HNY
  • 8x for PRs
  • Updated values of cred minting
    • Original:
      • 0 cred = 0x
      • 40+ cred = 0.5x
      • 100+ cred = 1x
    • New
      • 30+ cred = 0.25x
      • 60+ cred = 0.5x
      • 90+ cred = 0.75x
      • 120+ cred = 1x

Changes to Last Distribution (Version 1.3):

Changes for this weeks distribution on Wednesday November 4th

  • Meme channel going from 0.25x to 0x cred
  • Asymptotic weights are being removed as they were difficult to test and didn’t make much difference in the numbers
  • Discord: cred-based roles
    • Determines a users ability to mint cred. The idea is a user with more cred is more reputable and thus more trusted to mint cred.
    • 0 cred = 0x
    • 40+ cred = 0.5x
    • 100+ cred = 1x
  • The distribution of honey will change from 25/25 weekly/overall to 15/35 weekly/overall to better contribute to community members who continually provide content
  • Moderation over pollen is now being added. Users who believe that someone is ‘gaming’ the cred system, they can provide a report at Pollen user report thread 📣 following @Rayne’s guidelines and members involved can determine if this user was ‘gaming’ and should have their cred temporarily deactivated.

Changes to Last Distribution (Version 1.2):

Changes as of October 26th

  • Distributions will be switched from Friday’s to Monday’s to fix the 1 week delay on SourceCred as SourceCred switches over Sunday night.

  • Asymptotic discord reaction weights

    • each additional react on a message counts for half the previous react (1 to 1/2 to 1/4 to 1/8 to 1/16)
    • This is to prevent spamming infinite emojis on a message
  • Role-based cred minting (This means giving more credit to others, not generating more yourself)

    • Fauna/seeds mint cred 1x, verified users 0.7x, unverified users 0x
    • This means a fauna/seed emoji will count for twice as much as a verified user
  • Channel weighted cred

    • Fauna - 0x (will generate no cred)
    • Information (welcome/announcements/info/feed) - 0x
    • Memes - 0.25x
    • Support (help/bugreport/feedback) - 1.5x
  • Pull requests on Github are increased from 2x to 4x

  • No self-reacts

Changes to Last Distribution (Version 1.1):

  • Discord: ‘Super emojis’ now give the proper amount of cred (2x not 1x)
  • Discord: Unverified users no longer mint cred (their emojis do not give any cred)
  • Discord: Fauna/seeds mint cred 2x over a verified user (a fauna/seed emoji will count for twice as much as a regular verified user)
  • Discourse (Forums): likes on posts has been reduced from 8x (relative to discord standard emojis) to 4x (50% decrease)

Upcoming Changes or Outstanding Issues:

  • Automated onboarding for pollen
  • Discourse: Adjust member trust levels (3 & 4 currently have 1.25x & 1.5x cred minting - they give additional cred to others with their likes)
  • Way to view top 10 earners each week
  • Reduction in like maximum on discourse from 50
  • Decaying cred

Current Configuration:

Discourse (Forum)

  • Post Likes: 2x * trust modifier
  • Post reply: 1x * trust modifier
  • Connections to a post: ~1x


  • Reaction (emoji): 1x * trust modifier
  • Reaction (super emoji): 2x * trust modifier
  • Mentions: ~1x


  • Pull request: 4x
  • Commit: 1x

Additional stats for sourcecred can be found at: https://pollenstats.herokuapp.com/, thanks to @Santigs


Upcoming Changes:

“possibility of higher impact channels getting higher weights (maybe check-in?)”

Does this run the risk of a double-whammy, whereby checkins are usually liked by a lot of the seed/fauna members. Because they are minting higher cred, and the channel also gives higher cred, it may give higher than the intention?

Or perhaps the checkins/contributions are so undervalued right now that this change would bring them in line with expectation/the desired outcome - just something to consider and monitor

/edit Apart from that it looks really good and considered, and nice to have a simple/concise list of current config/weights at the end. Appreciate the time you have taken to write this up


It’s possible. We could leave the channel with standard weighting


This was my concern also and why I’d rather only decrease specific channel weights and not increase any. If channels the community value less are decreased then all other channels have a slight relative increase anyway, which I think is good enough.


Meme is a good way to make something go viral. Have you ever considered why some project get a huge strong community just thanks to meme ?


Would it be possible for users to verify their social media identities so that 1hive can survey social media platforms such as Reddit or Twitter for non-Discord contributions by users? That way those of us who are very active on Reddit, for example, can still be acknowledged for our contributions to community growth and education?

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Do we have a way to measure the impact of SC changes compared to the previous configuration?
It would be good to have some metrics to learn the effects so we know the best way to implement new changes in the future to accomplish the results we want.


i have ask to sourcecred developper and it’s seems for now, it’s not possible to connect facebook, twitter and reddit to the system for adding cred.
Maybe in some days, they will develop it?

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Excellent work guys. I really like the pollen initiative.
Thanks @Blazar and @befitsandpiper for making the details of the process clear to everyone.

Excellent news Blazar, i guess there will be always need for tweeking till we will find the right balance for the community which is ever evolving.

My question is which are the super emojis ?


Those four are the super emojis:



Thanks i did not knew that … I guess we learn something new all the time.


Yes. Use those power emojis wisely.
Please don’t ever react to posts with 2+ different emojis, nor click on every type of emoji that might already be there.

If you think someone was very helpful, you can give them one of the super emojis. If you just like a message, you can use any of the regular ones.


We’re not gonna ban people for using emojis, come on. Also there are plenty of reasonable times to add 2+ emojis to people’s responses. And anyway, we may have some sort of asymptotic cred minting that caps the total amount of cred people can mint anyway.

The issues that we’re seeing I think are more around people trying to sybil, or collude in ways that don’t add value to the community. But it is not so simple to say this is a ban-able offense.


Of course memes are important!

Giving a meme of the week bump was suggested on Discord.

We don’t want people just spamming memes.

A meme limit per person was also suggested, but I’d hate to see that. It’s hard to know which meme will take off sometimes.

I think the meme of the week, paying to several places, will produce better results. People will put effort into being their best (tbh I’ve seen some sweet sweet work on the Discord), and once a person has published they won’t feel a need to create more to harvest more likes, which will also give them time to contribute more on other servers.

I haven’t thought this through, but it may also be possible to award HNY based on votes with everyone getting one vote?
Even better if it can be split.

So instead of picking winners just everyone vote and each meme that got a vote gets that vote’s share of the HNY.

This is all so much work to figure out.
Love watching governance in action.


Hey @Santigs, we currently kind of eyeball it. When @befitsandpiper runs his local instance with the changes that week we have a look at the distribution to see if the changes make sense. There’s no real method to this other than us judging whether we think the distribution looks better or worse. Usually this is done over the course of a few days so we can get it as right as possible. Hopefully we’ll have better tools at a later date.


That is great. At least you test locally to have an idea of how the changes are going to impact. I am working on getting the info from discourse right now and trying to get the first graphs out of it, from there we all will start getting graphical info from different angles and have a chance to see how our involvement + any changes are affecting the distributions.


You can vote on memes in discord with your reactions. This should in theory be how the memes channel works. But we’re getting a lot of “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” type behavior when the memes are total trash. But, some sort of asymptotic decrease in cred for reactions per identity rather than linear cred per reaction will probably mostly fix this problem.


hello ~

we dont need to be good to each other , but lets try to be fair ~ i think giving a room for people to have place where they can easily get cred. they make the time for it and log in to the discord ~ is really valuable for the community . the problem is abusing it ~ which i suggested before to have cap on meme channels ~~

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I like this idea a lot.
In that case, would the reactions per identity be distributed equally among every1 that recieved them? Or would the latest reactions be worth less as the cred minted reaches the asymptote?

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