1Hive Buzz Proposal #6

After a very exciting four months of project launches and partnerships BuzzDAO is asking for support from the 1hive community to continue to carry on developing and supporting ongoing initiatives.

Current Marketing Duties, Ongoing Initiatives & Team Updates

Buzz has been focusing on in house efforts with marketing while keeping the social media activities and monthly updates prompt and relevant. There have been many things that were accomplished along the way and some key highlights for 1Hive Buzz included a 30% increase on our 1Hive Twitter following ,connected and joined liquidity with other like minded DAOs, as well as have the $HNY token be a part of a Gnosis index fund.

List of most important achievements and milestones in the last 3 months :

  • Made banners for HNY Calls on Hedgey finance . then we did formed Hedgey Finance treasury program with their help. The idea of this project is to make good treasury practices and diversify 1hive DAO stablecoin treasury in a non aggressive and sustainable way, without dropping the price of HNY token.

  • Adding banner and link advertisement on blockscout explorer for 1Hive Gardens is approved and visible on the frontend now.
    Honeyswap and NFBeez banners are in approval process on Blockscout, we have also to come with iterations for Celeste and other options such as HNY Options moon market.


these banners are waiting to be approved on Blockscout

  • Did AMA sessions on telegram and Discord with DeHive Finance and Elk Finance, made farming incentives with them( helps getting communities closer and brings more eyes on 1Hive/Honeyswap/Agave etc.

  • We redesigned the 1Hive medium page which now looks very professional and we are planning now to publish more articles on 1Hive – Medium , mrtdlgc our friend and the writer of daoape will help us with this https://twitter.com/0xdaoape

  • We started 1Hive TV show on Wednesday and streaming live on Twitch each Wednesday talking about nfts and gaming .

  • Open Ocean protocol designed to do swaps between CEX and DEX added Honeyswap in their aggregator, Dogeking

  • Developed DAO2Dao partnership with Shapeshift : monstrosity,paul,

  • helped NFBeez communication and launch, Twitter,Twitch,banner designs etc.

  • 3 months after our last proposal and we reached 30% more followers on 1Hive Twitter from 5k to 6.7k now. Unfortunately we don’t have access to more detailed insights on Twitter because we are not owning the Twitter account.

  • we also developed these banners to celebrate Christmas and New year on 1Hive

You can read a lot more about our accomplishments on the 1Hive Monthly recaps that we publish each month
January : 1Hive Monthly Recap: January 2022
December : 1 Hive Monthly Recap - December 2021
November : 1 Hive Monthly Recap - November 2021

Team Updates

We have added @Rohekbenitez @harsh24 into the working group to assist with design and graphic content as well as with some administrative duties for social curation, we are also planning to get more writers to help us with publishing and we plan to create bounties for other tasks and contributions.

We’ve discussed with mrtdlgc and altcoin/rekt about recruting them to write articles on regular basis about 1Hive dapps,news and Daos.

Initiatives & Integrations

Social media growth
As we saw the amazing and great growth from the previous proposal with our in house marketing focus we plan on ramping it up even further with more content as well as scheduled weekly content to help push current initiatives. The main drive will be focused on Gardens as it can be the key gateway into the 1Hive ecosystem of dApps and community.

There has been a sentiment that there needs to be better onboarding on 1Hive, so we are planning to create a program where we can showcase and guide new users towards our DAO. Again this will be geared mostly towards Gardens but will highlight all the key projects and groups in 1Hive. This onboarding process will also include certain bounties that new users can complete which we plan on integrating all within Quests once they are ready to implement.

1HTv and Trivia Growth
Buzz has been supporting and assisting with some of the activities and people sourcing for the 1HTv streams and youtube channel. We plan on continuing on with assisting and optimizing the experience for our audience while supporting the efforts of the 1HiveTV swarm.

Gnosis chain PR and collabs
We have been in communication with some of the folks over at Gnosis and we are gearing up to create some partnerships when the new and improved farm contracts get developed by Tulip swarm. This is currently pending Tulips reorganization, if we can not add multi rewards to our current contracts we will not be able to proceed further. We are also still maintaining our comms with the OG xDAI team for social media interactions amongst other PR related tasks/events.

Honeyswap Onboard/Maintenance.
We provide support to DAOs and help out projects integrate their tokens into Honeyswap. Some of them ask for help with listing, marketing, AMA events etc…

Treasury with Hedgey
Hedgey has been amazing with the project they have been building and piloting with us. We plan to further develop their platform and eventually make it as seamless as possible to integrate with other Garden DAOs that are looking for tools/methods to build out their treasury.

Written Content Growth.
We plan on creating DAO research style blog articles, as well as other articles that are related to 1Hive to further increase our social media reach as well as SEO presence. We intend to create these in a bounty format in order to keep a high level of quality and detail throughout each publication.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

We request 200 HNY ( ~36450$) for 4 months (pending payments for january,february,march and april 2022).

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
We are asking for retroactive payments for January, due to price action where we couldn’t pay the usual monthly stipend and most got underpaid or skipped.
The funds will be used to pay Buzz swarm contributors until the end of April 2022 (3 months).

Buzz DAO contributors : @D0SH @solarmkd @harsh24 @DogeKing @Monstrosity @paul @Stonky @ZER8 Rohekbenitez Blazar

Link to our proposal


You write here:

We request 200 HNY ( ~36450$) for 4 months (pending payments for january,february,march and april 2022).

But here:

The funds will be used to pay Buzz swarm contributors until the end of April 2022 (3 months).

Could you clarify if it’s 3 or 4 months and what happened in January and February?


Sure @sem , thank you for asking .

On our last proposal we asked for 3 months funding until the end of 2021 . There was some price appreciation on the HNY token so it was looking that we will have enough funds for January, so we didn’t asked for new funding and continue working in january as usual, however markets dropped and we didn’t had enough to cover everyone being paid for January and that is why we’ve added retroactive payments in this proposal as mentioned here :


This is awesome, it will help a lot and probably grow the number of people that stick around 1Hive for the long term :slight_smile:


Nice proposal!!! Omw to vote :running_man::running_man::running_man:

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The proposal is not detailing the activities that have been done by Buzz Swarm in a detailed way (providing links to specific work done or related resources), and it does not explain what do you plan to do next. ft also asks for substantially for a bigger piece of the common pool, requesting for way more funds than other proposals passed recently or being proposed these days.

I like the work you do and the value that you provide communicating and connecting 1hive with other communities. I don’t think we should over-bureaucratize this proposals, but they should respect a minimum of quality and transparency. Could you consider rewriting the proposal or improving the parts that may need more clarification, please? I’d love to read on the work you are doing before deciding if voting or not.


Glad to see this proposal @solarmkd :honeybee:

At the risk of being long winded af, here are my thoughts…

Could you include a few shots of the charts so ppl can get a visual aid for our Twitter growth? A pic = 1k words as they say : )

This is definitely needed and something we’ve spoken about recently; is the first step to schedule a weekly call and identify the specific peeps that will take the post? If so, then including those details in this proposal would be really useful to establish the gameplan.

Synergy with Buzz is key; the Wednesday Gaming stream has definitely helped to grow our presence on Twitch! :+1: The more ways we can find to work together, the better.

GC collabs make total sense; however this is a hard sell for the current request as it is pending Tulip revamp. Should be removed for the time being?

This is a very important but unsexy responsibility; if Buzz doesn’t do it then who will? Do you keep a record of these integrations @solarmkd ? Similar to social media growth (above), putting some data to these proposal sections would help a great deal to illustrate progress!

1Hive is innovating in treasury management due to this relationship started by Buzz; our partnership with the guys at Hedgey is not simply transactional…we are mutually learning about how to DAO things better and have become good frens with @Lindsey and @alex . I’m going to sound like a broken record, but once again some data (stablecoin reserves!) would help to show value here.

Similar to Onboarding above, this is something we’ve discussed recently and I support :100: . Would only ask that there be some additional details regarding who will take on the responsibility, how much they will be compensated for doing so, etc. Creating this kind of written content is hard work and good copy is hard to come by; we need to sufficiently incentivize consistent, quality writers.


I went through and edited the proposal to add more information about the work we’ve done in the last 4 months . Added also links to the Monthly recaps that are explaining even more details and contain high detail of our progress.

please read this part , hope it helps now.

This part explains what are our plans for the next 3 months but obviously the nature of our work marketing and partnerships requires a lot of additional unplaned work and dedication such as approaching new partnerships,AMAs, communicating news and getting new talents.

The last proposal Buzz made was also done on similar amount and time duration of 3 months, the difference in HNY is simply because the price of 1 HNY then was around ~320 xdai and now is 170-180 xdai. In case of the price going up we will surely have surplus of Honey which we might get back to the common pool or create additional incentives if needed to reach some of the goals we plan. The reason it might be higher compared to some other proposals in past might be because of the price but also we have dedicated contributors that spend a lot of time on communicating with contributors,hunting for partnerships and talents all for the better of growing 1Hive and creating additional interest in our DAO, weather that would be for investors or new contributors or simply users for our dapps.


We don’t have access for the Twitter Insights to get those charts i would gladly share them otherwise, but we are tracking the progress is we went from 5000 to 6690 followers on 1Hive twitter which is like 30% growth in 3 months, obviously this is because we are actively informing through twitter but also with the help of doing events,AMAs with other communities and partner with other projects.

Dogeking will schedule onboarding calls it will be up to him to decide the time but it will be communicated on time once he is ready with the plan.

The collab with Gnosis is not only about farming incentives. We are in contact with Gnosis members and i am also part of the Gnosis discord community admins, this usually extends to marketing on twitter, communication and other events that might be helpful to get 1Hive closer and integrated with other projects.

Yeah this is good suggestion, we do keep track of all the things we’ve done in our monthly recaps and we also have each contributor tracking and acomplish their work. We will have to think how to put these integrations, partnerships and work on a chart but i think this is nice suggestion that i must think about it how to implement it. If you have any suggestions or advice about this please let me know.

Yeah we have around 12k$ xdai in stablecoins already in our Treasury multisig I was thinking to open a proposal on how do we want to use those and ask for suggestions of the whole 1Hive community. Obviously this is one of the tasks that anyone can do it but here is the link for the multisig if anyone is interested to check : Gnosis Safe and yeah Alex and Lindsey from hedgey are great I love what they are doing.

Yeah, Mrtdlgc and maybe altcoin will help us create good written content, i edited the proposal so mentioned a little bit more on our plans for that.

Thank you Sem and Twells and hope this proposal is now more detailed and clear.


We saw the 1hive Gardens banner the other day in blockscout, it looks fantastic. Thanks for completing the proposal by providing more information.