1 Hive Monthly Recap - February 2022

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Welcome to the 1Hive February Monthly Recap! :honey_pot:

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Swarms Monthly Recap

:sunflower:Gardens Swarm

We’re now using DeWork! DeWork is a web3 project management tool that lets anyone create tasks for feature requests and view their progress. Suggestions with enough upvotes be taken on by the team or funded as a bounty for anyone to complete. We’re excited for the community to become more involved in the development of Gardens.

Here’s the invite link to join the DeWork:

Gardens Growth Numbers:

Total # of Gardens: 22

of Gardens Members: 3,222

of Funding Proposals Created: 205

Total Common Pool value: $21.5M

Total Liquidity of Gardens tokens: $2.2M

:earth_americas:Terra Swarm:

Terra Swarm only produced the January Monthly Recap for 1Hive as there was no new documentation to be translated. We are actually internally discussing an ambitious plan to export our product to a broader number of DeFi projects, since in the space our Swarm has a long-lasting experience and a well functioning team.

:cactus:Agave Swarm:

On february 28th Agave became 1 year old!

In the month of February we have seen less action from the Agave team, but in reality there’s lots of movement behind the scenes. We’re working on giving more utility to the agave token, we are about to add $FOX to our platform (We’re only waiting to a bit more liquidity on Gnosis Chain), and we are discussing the future plans for Agave which may include numerous possibilities.

In these days, an article “A Year in Review” was published to summarize the first year of Agave, and you may want to check it out for some hints about the upcoming periods for our token and our community.

Agave DAO, Discord, Telegram, Twitter

:butterfly:Morphosis Swarm:

No updates from Morphosis Swarm for this month.

Useful links:

:honeybee:Buzz Swarm:

Buzz members have been working on various fronts for the month of February while proposal number 6 is waiting for communal conviction. Most of the activities this month included brainstorming, meeting, planning and building our proposal but we were able to accomplish a few initiatives this month. This includes our weekly NFT streams on Wednesdays( 3 ,4 ), our treasury building collab with Hedgey to generate stables for the treasury, and a submission to ImpactDAO for 1Hive to be featured in their publication they are creating for regen DAOs. Additionally we have also started to work on optimizing our workflow via a new task ledger where members can view and see what each person is doing on a monthly basis. We plan on using this data both to further refine our jobs/tasks and to also help expand and build out our team further. As per what is up and coming in the next few months that has not already been mentioned or covered in the last recaps:

  • Weekly onboarding event and quests for newcomers
  • New streaming channel for 1Htv
  • Cross DAO literary content (Giveth)
  • Fox-HNY farms
  • Celeste integration to Gitcoin (David DYOR initiative)
  • Potential new fiat ramp (Banxa) to compete with RAMP

Useful links:


The NFBeez have been quietly working behind the scenes to create a new buzz for supporters of the NFBeez project.

A few artists have been working on a small collaboration project for holders of the NFBeez NFT.

Hackathon, hackathon, hackathon - The NFBeez primary dev, billyjitsu, has been doing hackathons from the month of February through today to learn news skills, get new ideas and meet other devs to implement more utilities and collaborations for the token.

The NFBeez project is slowly pushing forward to decentralization with their website hitting ENS sites : https://nfbeez.eth.link/

The first NFBeez has joined mainnet! Using the https://nft.xdaichain.com/ bridge. We were successfully able to bridge the token over and use an NFB as a ENS and Zapper Avatar. It can also be used as a verified Twitter avatar.

We are currently working on token gating content and collaborative ideas.

:yellow_heart:Support Swarm:

No updates from Support Swarm for this month.

:star:Quests Swarm:

This month has been the month for bug fixing and UI inprovments. @Chimdalu_O has made the new app design : Figma

We will focus on aligning the app with this new design direction as well as fixing bugs.

The current rinkeby test deployment can be seen here: Quest

Actual MVP features:

  • Browse Quests with filtering
  • Create Quest as a Creator
  • Fund Quest as a Patron
  • Claim Quest as a Player
  • Challenge a Quest and raise it to a mocked Celeste

Useful links:


1Hive sold out another covered call pool of 25 HNY, generating 500 xdai in premiums

As part of the treasury duties - we should consider adding in some accounting & financial reporting to these monthly reports. This will give more visibility over the finances of the DAO as a whole and better insights into the spending and finances of the DAO.


So far this year, the TV swarm has welcomed the following projects on our DAO News Monday livestream:

In addition, the NFTs & Gaming stream hosted by D0$H features new topics/guests each week - join them at 3pm ET every Wednesday!

A new bi-weekly Spanglish language show is also running on Thursdays in the 1Hive discord featuring bilingual guests/conversation as well as indie spanish-language music listening.

On the video production front, we released a promo for the app built by our frens at ShapeShift DAO + trivia game replays for

After a brief hiatus around ETH Denver, we look forward to resuming our biweekly trivia games starting with Kassandra DAO on Fri 3/11 - follow @1HiveOrg on Twitter to stay up to date!

As you see, our Bees are always building! :fire:
See you for the March Recap!