1 Hive Monthly Recap - November 2021

Dear everyone, :honeybee:
Another month has passed, and our swarms hav been very active on multiple fronts.

Here you have the recap of November 2021. As always, big thank you to @Escanor , @eenti , @paul , @ComandoBurrito , @chuygarcia92 , @harsh24 , @Gossman123 , @ZER8 .

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1Hive Monthly Recap - November 2021

Swarms Monthly Recap

:sunflower:Gardens Swarm

Gardens is now live! This week Gardens rolled out its new "Create a Garden’’ interface, letting people build their own DAO using the Covenant/Conviction Voting/Celeste governance model built and pioneered by 1Hive. Gardens is available on both xDai and Polygon, and is being built on Arbitrum as well, ready soon. Check it out at https://gardens.1hive.org/ (use Rinkeby network for testing). The launch was first announced on Twitter [thread here]; We hosted a launch party & AMA to celebrate the launch, featuring presentations from Bright ID, Gnosis, TEC and many more.

We will soon share a video related to our launch AMA, and stay tuned for the exciting upcoming news!

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:globe_with_meridians:Commons Swarm:

  • We have the Augmented Bonding Curve contracts almost ready. A new version is deployed on Rinkeby and xDai, however a final revision by Shokai pointed out a few critical issues that we will fix shortly. It will be able to be installed using the instructions in the updated ABC thread in the 1Hive forum.
  • The frontend has been updated accordingly to keep track of the changes.
  • You can test an ABC demo in http://convert.tecommons.org.
  • The TEC Params Parties are coming up with proposals for the designs that will eventually be implemented in the TEC Garden. Here is the calendar if you’re interested in joining one (you should!).
  • We also have debates for those of you who have joined a Party already. These debates are a key for the final decision on the collaborative economic model the TEC will use.

:rosette: Pollen Swarm:

More news from Pollen swarm in the next Recaps.

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:yellow_heart:Support Swarm:

Our team is now around every channel, guiding newbees in every step to get started with the community.

Support Swarm has been actively working, making it easier for new individuals to get onboarded to 1Hive, help solving specifically technical problems that people may encounter using 1Hive’s products, and educating those individuals to engage in blockchain transactions in a secure manner.

Our goals:

  • To help with onboarding & troubleshooting.
  • Highly active team (high accountability no work = no pay)
  • Develop community people trained (group of 4 to consult with each other)
  • Facilitator role; he will supervise, review the analytics, and pay the correct amount of HNY to the supporters.
  • Keeping the Wiki updated.

Senior Supporter:

  • Eenti
  • Stonky
  • Mrt (New member)!
  • Fabio


  • Escanor

:earth_americas:Terra Swarm:

During the month of November, Terra Swarm worked on the Gardens Documentation. In fact, after completing the update of the 1Hive Wiki page, the Gardens Wiki page has been our top priority. Translations in Spanish, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese are almost all completed.

In the coming month we will make sure to polish even more of our translations and, with the other funds that we have left, we will translate eventual articles, guides and, as usual, the monthly recap.

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:cactus:Agave Swarm:

As always, the Agave DAO has been working very hard on keeping the development of the project. In November the $Stake + $Agve incentives went live and users are enjoying up to three layers of rewards by claiming on the Agave platform. We have prepared a step-by-step guide and a video, which you can see here.

We had an AMA with ELK Finance and XION, two partners with whom we are creating new ways to benefit our communities. You can now farm $ELK - $AGVE on Elk Finance by enjoying an APY of roughly 130%.

On Nov29th we made official our partnership with XION; Details of this partnership and its benefits are available here.

Our Staking Rewards ended on Nov14th and rewards have been extended.

We hired a new frontend dev and we are busy improving the user experience on Gardens, to allow the community to vote and create proposals.

We have completed the original documentation of Agave (Gitbook), and we will share it in the next few weeks.

Future plans for Agave include several things, including new partnerships, adding new tokens to the Agave platform and always exploring new ways to give value to our $AGVE token.

Agave DAO, Discord, Telegram, Twitter

:butterfly:Morphosis Swarm:

More update from Morphosis Swarm in the next Recap

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:sun_with_face:Celeste Swarm:

  • Begun consulting with Gitdao to enable the use of Celeste for a denied Gitcoin proposal appeal.
  • In the testing stages of deploying Celeste to Polygon.

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:honeybee:Buzz Swarm:

During the last month Buzz was focused in the creative department of 1Hive. We’ve added 2 new members from the design department harsh24 and rohekbenitez to help us enhance our marketing reach.

Speaking of advertisements, we are working on Blockscout campaign were will have a chance to have 1Hive related ads to appear on Blockscout. We have submitted ads for Gardens and we are working on banners for Celeste,1Hive DAO in general, Honeyswap, Honeycomb, NFBeez etc.

Furthermore we are in touch with Hedgey Finance and have done some cross media marketing on Twitter which was focused on the new Honey Moon Market calls as decided on the recent proposal. 100 HNY will be set for people to buy calls so we thought a nice banner ad for twitter is needed. We plan to push more ads for these calls as they are helping diversity our treasury and we think are really important.

As we stated in our proposal we want to focus on twitter content and the results are visible after only a 1 month long campaign push. 1Hive went from 5000 to almost 6000 followers in just a month so we will continue with these efforts.

We had an interesting call with DeHive and we are talking with them about 1Hive Dehive collaboration, they want to bring their index clusters on Honeyswap.

We had fun on Elk rush making some ads for the new farms and we were into an AMA on their Telegram answering questions about 1Hive DAO.

:ledger:Canon Project: (PFBeez):

The NFBeez have been hard at work these last couple of months. In the month of November partnerships were setup with Gitcoin, BrightID, ShapeShift, xDAI Punks, TEC, Gardens, Agave and Eporio with artists from each community submitting their own version of the NFBee. The smart contracts and front end for the NFBeez have been 90% completed - thanks almost exclusively to Billyjitsu, with the minting contract just awaiting an audit from 1Hive’s very own Luigy Lemon.

We have a projected launch date in mid-December and are just awaiting additional artwork for Gigadig to animate. ZER8 launched the official NFBeez Twitter (link here) and has quickly broached 165 followers. If you’re interested in supporting this unique 1Hive Project please be sure to drop a follow over there :).

Future plans for the NFBeez involve an implementation of a royalty contract with Eporio, additional co-marketing efforts with some of the major NFT projects on xDAI and a potential second drop after this one sells out.

:star:Quests Swarm:

This month was the month we had 3 new recruits so dev speed will increase compared to previous months. There is a new added feature that is the ability to filter quests with a few parameters (full text, bounty, tags, expiration time). The front end has been entirely migrated to typescript to be able to have a more structured code base, subgraph has been migrated to the new Subgraph Studio platform. And finally, a couple of bugs have been fixed.

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Hi bees, this update on hivecraft will be brief because in these weeks Minecraft (in its entirety) has received one of the strongest and biggest updates so far (Minecraft 1.18: Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2). This means that several plugins and add-ons that are used on the server are currently out of date with respect to the server, which means that the server will be out of date until we reconfigure and find the respective updates of the plugins.

I would also like to invite anyone who wants to get involved in the development of the Hivecraft server who has had previous experience with plugins and server programming as Erminio and I have been looking for alternatives to decentralize the server through governance. Thanks for your attention, any questions regarding Hivecraft can be consulted on the discord server :slight_smile:

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  • Continued pilot of Hedgey’s Options Program, thus far generating 2,800 xDAI through sales of covered calls and some being exercised

  • New Proposal passed and funded to swarm multi-sig to utilize Hedgey’s platform to put 100 HNY to work in treasury call pools on a rolling basis, with the goal of generating 30k+ xDAI with this HNY current allocation (15% yield plus conversions)

:tulip:Tulip Swarm:

We’ve been talking a lot lately about Honeyswap and how important it is for the community. We finally had a community call regarding the potential future of Honeyswap, how we can align it better with Gardens and how we can ensure its maintenance overtime.

There’s still a lot to be made and quite a few details to figure out but at least it has started and we have some hands down to do some work, more details about what we talked here Honeyswap roadmap planning call Nov. 23rd

A busy month, as you can see!

See you at the end of the year for the December monthly recap and a wrap up of 1Hive’s 2021!
Stonky :honeybee:


Thank you Stonky for delivering these consistently like clock work! It indeed has been a busy month and this has to be the best place to catch it all!