A Comprehensive and Dynamic 1Hive Roadmap

A Comprehensive and Dynamic 1Hive Roadmap

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
As a layperson with no experience in writing code or with the backend/inner workings of blockchain technology, becoming part of the 1Hive community has been quite an eye-opening experience. If an average person were interested in seeing the potential of blockchain and decentralized organizations, they would need to look no further than 1Hive. In my first week or two, it felt like every other comment on the Discord was about some mysterious project or swarm of which I had no understanding (or more importantly, context).

Newcomers with no tech background may have a difficult time when they enter the 1Hive community. It’s hard to engage when you don’t have the technical background required to have higher level discussions about the project. It’s hard to join the Discord and automatically engage the community. Oftentimes new community members demonstrate enthusiasm, but they may not know how to contribute to the DAO. This is likely because they are lacking something extremely important — context — and that is what this proposal is all about, providing newcomers with context.

  • What is a DAO?
  • What is conviction voting and why does it matter?
  • How can I vote and what happens when a proposal passes?
  • What is a swarm?
  • How can I contribute to the community with my skills?
  • What projects are people working on in the background?
  • What is Celeste?
  • Will there ever be a bridgeable Honey on the Ethereum mainnet?
  • Will HNY ever be tradable on other exchanges?

To be brief, I believe it would be largely beneficial if 1Hive had a sort of “working roadmap” so questions similar to the above could be answered upon learning about the project. I’m imagining a pseudo-infographic that outlines the 1Hive goals, the long-term technologic plans, and the long-term community plans. Of course, the day-to-day in this group and this space is constantly changing and therefore it is important we keep this roadmap dynamic, fluid, and malleable to account for unpredictable events or updates.

I do not believe I have a deep enough understanding of all of the inner workings of 1Hive to contribute to writing out a roadmap. However, I do hope that if there was enough community support for such a roadmap to be developed, those who may be better positioned to create a roadmap would consider making it happen. I think it would greatly improve newcomer satisfaction and understanding of the project and we may see more retention of new members if they knew, for example, that HNY was bigger than Honeyswap.

There is a serious need for a consolidated, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand overview of what 1Hive is, what 1Hive is working on, and an estimated guess of how long it may take for the technologic and community goals to come to fruition.

I’m hoping we can use this thread to discuss the possible topics that could be covered on a roadmap (eg, Celeste, prediction markets, NFT minting website, etc.). I would also like to open the floor for volunteers and users who may want to form a small group to get this done. If any swarms are interested in tackling this project please let me know, as it would be ideal if a swarm took on this project. Otherwise, post in this thread if you’re willing to help.


There is a serious need for a consolidated, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand overview of what 1Hive is, what 1Hive is working on, and an estimated guess of how long it may take for the technologic and community goals to come to fruition.

Especially about these, we were actually thinking of turning #terra into a DAO, and in this DAO, I spoke with @Escanor today that we should also include content creation in addition to translations.


I think roadmaps are good and essential for the projects with a vision and a strategic goal.

From the beginning of my journey with 1hive i am looking for the roadmap for our organization.
We have a vision and a strategic planning for 1hive. So we need roadmap for what we are releasing and when. This might be very helpful for the new comers as well as existing one’s.

I don’t have much knowledge in building roadmaps, but i am interested to help with this.

I think @metaverde tried and asked so many times in the discord. May be she might already working on this.


Thanks for putting these thoughts down on paper pressure, Too many projects to work on and I 100% agree. Those with less tech experience flounder and have the potential of losing interesting because learning curve is too high.

I believe it starts with a wiki that includes not just user guides of the products and swarms but a “how can I help” section Which is more direct than just a getting started section.

The direction was given to add a wiki to the about1hive handbook which I’ve been working with tera on but I had to learn github and some programming which has been a hurdle. There is sooo much to do and much of it requires a bit of leg work to build at this point.

Table of Contents:

Getting Started

  • Welcome
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Jump Starter for Beginners
  • How Can You Help?
  • User Help

1hive Products

  • Honey Faucet
    • About
    • Tech
    • whatever else
  • Honeyswap
  • Honeycomb
  • Honeypot
  • Pollen Explorer
  • SourceCred

External Apps

  • xDai Faucet
  • Bright ID
  • xDai Token Bridge
  • Metamask
  • Blockscout

Community Engagement

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Swarms
    • Garden
      • About
      • Policy & Standards
      • Projects/Products & Systems Supported
      • Help Needed
    • Tulip
      • About
      • Policy & Standards
      • Projects/Products & Systems Supported
      • Help Needed
    • .
    • .
    • .
    • Luna

Understanding the Tech & Concepts (Just References)

  • How does Faming work
  • Conviction Voting
  • DAO
  • etc.




I completely agree. I experienced the same path when I first landed in 1hive. This is one of the reasons I created the wiki for myself, info was just scattered all around and I wanted to make sure I had an easy way to find something later on.
I decided to open the wiki to everyone as I thought it would be a good resource for someone experiencing the same issues than me when landing. Probably setting up a roadmap wiki could be a great start, we could use notion or https://www.mkdocs.org/ as a starting point.


Oh no not another program I have to learn and install. :joy: My head is spinning. I think we need to revisit the tera swarm proposal. Identify some additional deliverables, who’s gonna help, and what funding should be for a the given deliverable.

terra swarm proposal

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Whatever tool the group decides is good, but there needs to be a good onboarding/roadmap guide for newcomers.

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We have a really good opportunity right now.
Farms and prices are important, but there are a lot of ways for people to get involved and the main work is still governance models, in my opinion.

We need to get people interested in participating in the decision making. I don’t know how to simplify explaining the DAO and voting and distribution. That 1Hive encompasses so many things is what’s been hanging me up writing an article about it. I get into it and realize I’ve gone five or six different directions. I’m tempted to just put up the mess I have and hope it’s better than nothing. :grimacing:

Nice job outlining, Monstrousity.
It’s hard not to get lost in the details.

Edited to add it would be nice to have ways people can help in a simple document, maybe here on the Discourse.

“I’m here, I’m verified. Now what can I do?”


I agree
i would need some easy way to understand how to vote and also how swarms are important as well in voting

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Like … I’m in a swarm… pretty sure… but I’m not sure I could define it.

And I vote.
But it took a couple of weeks to realize that we still need to hash it out on Discord then “twinkle fingers” and vote as a block to get proposals passed.

Edited to add…
Plus we need it to be abundantly clear that voting doesn’t cost Honey. That you’re basically staking it on an outcome and you get your Honey back.

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The same observations above is why I just whipped together the everything on 1Hive post.

Bloody heck though I can’t edit the OP anymore it was my hope to just edit that but really a whole revamp is required. As I posted in chat or elsewhere a lot of this is a moving target and I was waiting till it all settled down and likely not changing vs. the stuff that is.

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I would suggest to start with default Metamask networks. For some people can be very complicated to join xDAI. If network is in default options it can be much easier for people + it can be also good marketing.

We have been trying.

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I really dont understand Metamask, why they are blocking evolution. I just found Nifty extension which is working nicely. Maybe is good time for MM competitor. But this really hurts me, I though MM is serious project.


Take look at this post Improve mobile wallet support for 1Hive applications

I have tech background, but still had to spend couple of weeks to start to understand whole picture.

I really like this presentation, makes it much easier to understand.

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