Agave Contributor Distribution Announcement

Agave Contributor Distribution Announcement

Agave token page:

Agave Aragon DAO:

distribution details(snapshot taken on Jan 25, 2021):

  • 4600 AGVE, 4.6% distributed to seeds
    • 1000 AGVE each for 4 seed members (Greenhornet, Monstrosity, Anisoptera, Sandpiper) with a 1 year (365 day) vesting period
    • 100 AGVE each for 6 members who helped with the agave launched, but were not as deeply involved as the seeds
  • 8400 AGVE, 8% distributed to 1hive community:
    • Drop of ~2.7 tokens to addresses that voted on a proposal in the older honeypot contract AND claimed HNY from the faucet before the snapshot date
    • Drop of ~4.9 tokens to addresses that voted on a proposal in the most recent honeypot contract AND claimed HNY from the faucet before the snapshot date
    • Tiered drop (~21, ~42, ~63, ~84) for community members with at least 30, 60, 90, and 120 cred respectively in the 1hive pollen instance
    • You can meet multiple qualifications for the distribution, but the voting qualifications do not stack.
    • You can see the full distribution by address here:
  • 5000 AGVE, 5% staked by 1hive to insure the Agave protocol
  • 10,000 AGVE, 10% HNY-AGVE Honeyswap LP
  • 72,000 AGVE, 72% stays in the treasury to be allocated by the AGVE token holders

We have set up a vesting cliff for Sun Feb 28 2021 15:00:00 UTC+0300. At this date the distributed tokens will be unlocked. Until then you will not be able to trade/move your AGVE tokens. The initial liquidity pool of 10,000 AGVE and 50 HNY will be unlocked on the same day, 30 minutes earlier (Sun Feb 28 2021 14:30:00 UTC+0300).

countdown till AGVE/HNY LP pool:

countdown to Agave token unlock:

Token vesting contracts:

thank you to @Monstrosity @Jasper and @anisoptera for helping write this post.


Hi :wave:

I’m just joining the community here, but really excited about being part of the xDAI and 1Hive ecosystems. How might I participate in the agaave airdrop as a community member?

EDIT: I see now that the snapshot was January, not February. Apologies.


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Amazing!!! thank you s & π per !

Ok, as a very long term supporter and member you just lost all my support. I will no longer use anything related to honey or 1hive


Man, sorry that you didn’t get the airdrop, but you were not even a member to this Forum 2 minutes before you posted this :slight_smile:

And by the way, thanks for all the guys who are making this project a reality. I’m really excited!


There will likely be at least one more airdrop in the future. Although it would require AGVE token holders to figure out those terms and vote on it. There will also likely be some liquidity incentives for Agave, but again this depends on the voter decisions.

Nice to have you here! Cheers!


Congratulations on the launch everyone involved. Do we need to do anything to claim?

Also, for anyone who missed the airdrop, this is hardly the end of the world since by my calculations it is only around $5 per AGVE upon launch. That’s $25 for most recipients, which is less than gas fees for airdrops on the mainnet… Be a part of the space and you will be rewarded one way or another.


Nope! The tokens will just be dropped into your wallet


For those not included in this first round team distribution - the intent was to reward historical contributors. Those we believed have helped to build and actively contribute to past projects. By including these members we are hopeful these members will continue their efforts in helping to list the agave token, design, test, and even participate in v1 development without constantly asking for funding for every task.

As stated in telegram a week ago:

Bonus question) will there be another airdrop I can get in on? it is fairly likely we will do a marketing airdrop with the agave token and we will Likely announce how to possibly get the airdrop in advance giving people an opportunity to get in on the airdrop. (Vagueness because this would be Pending Agave token holders to vote on this)


Congratulations everyone and thank you so much for your hard work @Monstrosity @befitsandpiper @anisoptera and @GreenHornet

I know I’ve been kind of MIA, but I’m looking to get involved again and seeing familiar names creating such a successful project/launch is certainly motivating!


hola gracias por la informacion a hacer hold con AGVE y colocar honey prtcle como colateral

let’s gogogogogogoogogogogo!

I see what you did there

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Great news for HNY community. Congrats to all

Did I miss this out ?! Is there a way to still get the airdrop and participate ?

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So hyped about Agave, glad to see the community evolving :grin:
Didn’t get the airdrop, but you don’t always win haha


wowoww great news! excited for this one :grin:

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Sweet like honey! So does that mean at the 28th I can trade HNY for AGAVE on HONEYSWAP?


yessir, yes you can!

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Damn straight that’s awesome without a doubt!

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