Current Ethereum/Arbitrum Migration Plan

Due to the stagnant development of xDai necessary to improve its security it is being proposed that we migrate Honey from xDai to Ethereum, where the underlying security is magnitudes greater and there is a larger untapped market. At the same time it is also proposed that we redeploy the 1Hive governance infrastructure and common pool, currently everything accessible via and Celeste, including Gardens, to Arbitrum, which inherits the security of Ethereum, again magnitudes greater than xDai. However, we will continue with plans to deploy Gardens to xDai, this will require deploying a new instance of Celeste that uses the new Honey token and the use of probably an off-chain voting mechanism like Aragon Govern to govern it.

We are closely watching the development and adoption of Arbitrum since it’s launch to ensure it will be a secure and usable network and can still choose to use a different network for our governance infrastructure if necessary. However, migrating Honey to Ethereum is fairly essential at this point.

This plan isn’t set in stone and like everything here it is open to discussion so the below is subject to change.

Honey Migration to Ethereum:

The currently proposed process for migration will require users executing one transaction on xDai, via a migration website, which will permanently burn all the HoneyV1 in their address’s account and grant it HoneyV2 on xDai. This can then be bridged directly to Ethereum or to Arbitrum via Connext (if available) or the standard bridging processes via Ethereum. DAO’s with Agents currently holding HoneyV1 will also be able to execute a transaction via a vote to migrate to HoneyV2 on xDai.

Arbitrum Garden:

To take part in the governance of the 1Hive Common Pool or infrastructure decisions or stake to Celeste on Arbitrum, bridging Honey to Arbitrum will be necessary. The Arbitrum 1Hive Garden will be the one with issuance permissions for HoneyV2 (allowing it to mint to or burn from the common pool) and it will be the governor of Celeste on Arbitrum.

Community consensus:

Ultimately to approve the above migration of core infrastructure to Ethereum/Arbitrum, a decision vote will be required in the xDai 1Hive Garden at This vote will disable Issuance of HoneyV1 on xDai and burn the HoneyV1 in the common pool. The amount of HoneyV1 burnt from the xDai common pool will be minted to the Arbitrum common pool as HoneyV2.

Further details:

For technical details please see this document, PR’s for the implementation are at the bottom: xDai to Mainnet/Arbitrum migration (wip) - HackMD

Previous discussion regarding the migration can be seen here:


Great to see these updates on the Arbitrum migration. I am really interested to see how all this pans out and how the user base of 1Hive takes this migration?
I have been following some other news on rollups based L2s and have realised people complaining about fees for basic contract interactions being around $10-15 which in ETH will start to be a pain, especially when moving from xDAI.
I understand the security benefits but makes me wonder if we may see participation in governance and staking into Celeste drop with this type of fees.

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Fees on Arbitrum are expected to lower as usage increases, remember that Arbitrum pushes constant updates to L1, it’s just that those fees are distributed among those transacting on the L2 and now there’s not much people using it.

Also afaik usage on Arbitrum is throttled right now, and as the throttle diminishes, so will the fees.

Can recall someone saying that it’s likely that arbitrum fees are just a pinch more expensive than what we’re used around here, but nothing significant.

eenti, thanks for that information. Ah, so if I have got it right you are saying that the fee on Arbitrum is basically the cost of posting tx to the mainnet divided by the total tx on Arbitrum up to the point of posting it? Makes sense when i think about it but then I also wonder how they can afford it if ETH has a really high gas period when they want to post to main net? Anyways, I digress from the main topic… but if the fee will be comparable to xDAI, I think wgmi!! haha

yes, at least as far as i understand it. i’m guessing that it puts an extra on it to give something to arbitrum nodes.

this is honestly beyond my limited knowledge on the topic, but maybe they can be slightly delayed until it goes down? I’m also thinking that as critical movement starts to move to L2’s mainnet can probably deal better with demand fluctuations as its not happening directly on L1, thus making gas prices even more predictable.

Again, don’t take my word for granted, i don’t know much about it, this is just speculation.

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Is this the right place to ask what would be involved in migrating a “bring-your-own-token” gardens dao to arbitrum?

We have a token that was minted on mainnet and bridged with the omni bridge to provide the community pool. The original pool was meant to fund the first year of the DAO’s existence.

When gardens is migrated to arbitrum, will the xdai gardens dao be immediately defunct, or can an xdai and arbitrum gardens dao coexist for some months?

Should the community pool be drained (if necessary–see above) using conviction voting, or can Tao (dandelion) voting be used?

We already have mainnet and xdai chain gnosis safes with stewards delegated the task to move funds between chains as needed. Will other gardens daos need a similar setup to migrate, or will 1hive provide a simpler migration path for gardens daos?

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Gardens will still function on xDai, it’s just 1Hive’s DAO structure that’s moving.

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No need to migrate. Even if we do end up moving our home to Arbitrum, the Gardens infrastructure will still exist on xDAI and we will continue to support it.

We want to enable Gardens to launch on as many chains as possible.


But if we want to migrate, will it be easy?

We’re committed to making it as easy as possible for community members to move their HNY over