Gardens Swarm Funding Proposal #5

Proposal Information

This proposal will be used to fund the development of new initiatives related to Gardens .

Proposal description

This proposal will fund the Gardens Swarm Gnosis Safe.

The main use of these funds will be:

  • Completing NextJS migration and upgrade to Ceramic Profiles
  • Gardens v2 - scoping out work and proposal drafting (we are seeking grant funding outside of 1Hive for this launch).
  • Continued maintenance and bug fixes for Gardens.

Proposal Rationale

Gardens is working on the generalization of the DAO design of 1Hive. We already achieved our main milestone of releasing v1 to the world:

Our long term goal is to support new and existing Gardens DAOs to help those communities thrive, and to continue developing solutions for token economies to sustainably fund our world’s most valuable and underserved resource, public goods.

We’ve seen continued growth and interest in the Gardens platform. Currently there are 30 Gardens DAOs, 3.5k Gardens DAO members, $15M in Gardens Common Pools, and $2M in Honeyswap liquidity for Gardens DAO tokens.

The proposal will allow continuing the development we started with our first, second, and third proposals.

The artifacts we worked on during the last few months were:

  • Set up DeWork for community suggestions and bounties [link]
  • Opened a Gitcoin Grant for GR13 [link]
  • Giveth account created and verified [link]
  • Twitter spaces hosted and recorded with Gabi and Niran.
  • Improved the performance of the gardens site by enabling code-splitting.
  • Increased the lighthouse performance metrics from 15 to 42.
  • Start with migration to typescript and NextJS
  • Create proposal improved
  • Void decisions logic
  • Improve the performance of the gardens site by
  • Fix Agreement app subgraph (corrupted settings issues)
  • Agreement subgraph track for collateral updates
  • Staking screen errors fixes
  • EVM executor ui
  • Add context to create decisions
  • Proposal forum link on decisions detail
  • Discourse comments on decisions detail

Next steps

  • Convert HNY to stablecoins for Gardens budget with minimal sell pressure on the token by using an NFT-gated Hedgey OTC sale.
  • Improve our ability to attract and keep good contributors to the Gardens Swarm:
    • Compensation - we are experimenting with Basic Income + Retroactive Funding, looking for the best balance that will give contributors the confidence they need to spend their time working on Gardens. This pay period will be our first trial with Basic Income for contirbutors instead of hourly pay:
    • Funding - the Gardens team would like to reduce its dependence on 1Hive funding proposals. We are working on securing more grant funding and protocol funding, and will continue to promote our Gitcoin and Giveth listings to grow our contributor budget.
  • Finish the WIP

Link to proposal vote

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Expected duration or delivery date

2 months to continue with phase two.

Team Information

Swarm multisig members with equal weight in control of funds:

@willjgriff @rperez89 @fabriv @gabi @paul @twells @sem

Swarm members roles and resposabilities .

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested: 225 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

Gardens Swarm Gnosis Safe: 0x1B8C7f06F537711A7CAf6770051A43B4F3E69A7e

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

  • With Basic Income, we expect our monthly burn rate to decrease from $17k to $10k
  • We currently hold $1k in the Gardens Gnosis Safe. We aim to raise another $17.5k through a Hedgey sale of this 225 HNY at 10% discount (~$15k), Gitcoin GR14 (~$3.5k) and Giveth ($500).

We are requesting enough funds for a runway of 2 months + reimbursement.