# The 1Hive Jump Starter For Beginners

Welcome to the 1Hive world!

This piece is dedicated to the newbies. It is a detailed summary of what 1Hive is all about and all the important things you need to know, garnished with tips on how you can earn free HNY, delicious init? :honey_pot: :yum:.

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I did my best to gather in one place all the pieces of important information about 1Hive that are scattered all over the place. I want to make it easier for beginners to understand what 1Hive is all about and how it works, so they wouldn’t have to expend too much time and effort looking for info like i did.
I’m sure community members especially the newcomers would find the information here useful, even i myself intend to use this piece as a reference from time to time due to the many important links i gathered at the bottom, so it would be wise to add this post to your discourse bookmarks. @Eth_Man also did an amazing job here Everything about 1Hive in one place - newFAQ in development. With these two articles you no longer have an excuse :slight_smile: I’ll try to keep it updated as our hive continue to grow and advance. Ok then, lets dig into it.

First off, what is even 1Hive and why should you join and contribute?

1Hive is a DAO in the true sense of the word. It is a cyber organism powered by coordination protocols that enable its human extension(thats us the community by the way) to work together towards a common goal by regulating interaction through rules defined in software.

Members of the 1Hive community are called bees, everybody works to improve and grow the economy of 1Hive.

At 1Hive there is no CEO, CTO, council or any of that stuff me-creates-an-avengers-infinity-war-meme-instead-of-using-55890770.
Anyone is free to join no permission required. Decisions are made via conviction voting, which is awesome because it doesn’t really yield to the influence of whales, rather conviction voting more accurately captures the wishes of the majority, more on that later.

1Hive DAO currently lives on the xDai blockchain where it issues and distributes a digital currency called HONEY (HNY).

HNY is the digital currency or money of the 1Hive DAO. HNY is real money, its really true!.
It is HNY that makes it possible for 1Hive to build an economy around a set of shared values, with HNY 1Hive is able to create a circular economy where public goods and investments that grow the 1Hive economy is funded.
Anyone can earn HNY by contributing to the 1Hive ecosystem. So if you want to be part of a new truly decentralized and disruptive digital economy that can alter the economic landscape by creating novel markets and opportunities, then by all means hop onboard.
Any contribution that adds value to the 1Hive DAO is rewarded with HNY. If there is something you need to do that will help the hive’s cause, then make a proposal and if the community backs it, you get money HNY to make it happen. Everything we do is all about growing and improving the hive and therefore by extension creating value.


1Hive’s most popular creation is HoneySwap. Honeyswap is a DEX forked from Uniswap that lives on the xDai Chain. It is a uniswap clone that works exactly like Uniswap, but it is a hot favourite for so many myself included because of its blazing speed and almost non-existent fees :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, bye bye Uniswap :sweat_smile:. Check it out here https://honeyswap.org/#/swap i bet you’ll love it.

Conviction Voting

Conviction Voting allows everyone to participate and shape the direction of 1Hive, while preventing anyone from taking control or ownership. It is different from traditional voting methods in the sense that it is continuos, not restrained by time and vote count, and outcomes are based on conviction rather than number of votes. Did you just lose me there? Yeah happened to me too the first time :sweat_smile:. Let me explain.

In the normal traditional voting process, you just vote for something within a certain time frame and the votes determine the outcome. In conviction voting you vote for something but it is your conviction that will determine the outcome. Because each proposal that goes up for voting has a conviction threshold it requires for it to pass. The threshold required for proposals depends on the percentage of HNY from the Common Pool that is being asked for. A proposal requesting 0.1HNY will require less conviction to pass than say another requesting 5HNY. Minimum conviction for any proposal is currently 2.51%.

When you stake HNY in favour of a proposal it starts to generate conviction, as time goes and you remain resolute by continuing to hold your stake, it grows your conviction( thats why its continuos), if you top up your stake it adds conviction, if you withdraw your stake it drops your conviction but your conviction doesn’t disappear immediately, it gradually drains away sought of like water from a bucket with a small hole.
This process goes on and if the conviction threshold of that proposal is reached, it is approved and HNY is released. you can read more about conviction voting here https://medium.com/commonsstack/conviction-voting-a-novel-continuous-decision-making-alternative-to-governance-62e215ad2b3d
So you see, individual HNY quantity does not really count that much, what counts is the collective conviction. It should be noted however, that although quantity of HNY has an effect on strength of conviction, it does not directly influence outcomes, in the sense that a member with less HNY can end up generating just as much conviction as another member with a higher stake. Plus the fact that any member’s conviction is not individual, rather it adds to the pool.

Now let’s talk about the sweet part, HNY** :honey_pot: :yum:

As i already explained above, HNY is money issued by 1Hive DAO but you can’t mine it, rather you earn it by providing value. Now that’s true money!

Currently 1Hive issues HNY at each block with an annual inflation of around 60% and it accumulates into the common pool where the only way it leaves the pool is by collective community decision via conviction voting.

There is no pre-mine, no allocation to founders, etc, non of that stuff. You can check out info about HNY distribution, worth, HoneyPot Balance, etc here https://1hive.org/

Ways To Get Honey (HNY)

Currently, there are various ways you can get honey but the general rule is you must be BrightID verified and you have to contribute value one way or another.

  • proposals

    . You can submit a proposal that aligns with 1Hive values and contributes to progress. If the community agrees, HNY is released to you to make it happen. @onbjerg and @sem guides on how a proper proposal should be done here https://forum.1hive.org/t/creating-better-proposals/200/2
  • Pollen

    . You can be active and contribute anyway you can in the various 1Hive community social interaction platforms currently; Github, Discourse and Discord. 1Hive is able to reward members on these platforms with a little help from Sourcecred. We call this Pollen.

Discord is where we record the most activity, no surprises there :sweat_smile: just hop on discord here https://discord.gg/EVPKUnH join a swarm and get busy @Rayne did an amazing job of explaining the different bee roles and channels of the 1Hive Discord community here Current changes to the 1Hive discord server, and some ideas. Our discord welcome channel here https://discord.gg/S5yZbJ9 also offers a brief explanation, plus important instructions you wouldn’t want to miss so be sure to check it out before you get started.
The way Pollen generally works is you earn cred based on how members react to your contributions(currently with emojis). Emojis have different weights some emojis grants 1 cred, some 0.5 etc. For discord you can check out which emojis are assigned what weights here https://github.com/1Hive/pollen/blob/master/config/plugins/sourcecred/discord/config.json. Here on discourse the like emoji will earn you cred(heart emoji).
The creds you earn determine how much HNY you get. However, before you qualify to start earning creds you must first be verified by BrightID https://www.brightid.org/, once verified the next step is getting signed up for pollen, this is just basically registering your accounts on the supported platforms and linking your xDai address, plus you also have to get a verified badge. Its all easy, to get the verified badge go to the #Bot-command channel here https://discord.gg/RKvUfFD and type !verify. Thats it, you’ll get the purple verify badge.To register your account and link your xDai address go to the #onboarding channel here https://discord.gg/JrnD7ES on our discord and enter your info in the following format


github: Kryptobi

discourse: Kryptobi

xDai: 0x0…000

Please replace fields with your own info not mine, thanks but i’m already signed up :rofl:. However, currently we are signing up members manually so you might have to make your intentions known in the onboarding channel here https://discord.gg/JrnD7ES or in the pollen channel here https://discord.gg/JK54eJX and a bee will be happy to help you out. Remember you MUST be BrightID verified. @borisblock also made this nice infographic here Everything about 1Hive in one place - newFAQ in development

  • The Honey Faucet

    . You can also get free HNY via the Honey Faucet all you have to do is get verified by BrightID go to the honey faucet interface here https://faucet.1hive.org/#/ connect your wallet, and then scan a bar code that will be displayed to you, and voila! You are in. Come back from time to time and collect free HNY :partying_face:
  • Honey Farming

    . One way to earn HNY without a BrightID verification is via the Honeycomb aka HNY Farming. First you have to provide liquidity on any of the HNY incentivized pools on Honeyswap currently; HNY/xDAI pool (Dai Daisies), HNY/STAKE pool (STAKE Sunflower) and WETH/HNY pool(Ether Eucalyptus). These 3 are currently the only incentivized pools at the moment but be rest assured more will follow. I'll keep updating the list here as they come :sunglasses: Just like Uniswap you are issued Liquidity Pool tokens(LP-tokens) when you have provided liquidity.

Next, you go on and stake your LP-tokens at the honey farm here https://hny.farm/ thats it! congratulations! you are now a HNY farmer, may your harvest be bountiful :yum:
If you need someone to hold your hand and guide you step by step on how to go about this @Harry did a marvelous job of breaking down every detail here LIA5 Honeycomb: how to stake and farm tutorial, benefits and risks
Anyone can also create new farms and ask for it to be funded/incentivized via a proposal @onbjerg explains the process here Creating a funded farm on Honeycomb.
Now that you’ve been equipped with the tools you need, its time to get busy farming that HNY :man_farmer:

The xDai Chain and some Info

As you might have realized, the only way to interact with the 1Hive DAO is via the xDai Chain. We can move to any other blockchain but presently xDai is perfect for our present activities. So you know what that means? Yes, super cheap transactions as low as $0.00004 :blush:, blazing fast speed, but more importantly it means you must have to switch to the xDai blockchain to interact with 1Hive. Don’t worry, its super easy to switch and you can just as easily switch back to your former chain in literally two clicks. If you are using Metamask wallet, just follow these 3 easy steps to switch your wallet to the xDai chain

1) Log in to your Metamask. 2) At the top center click on “Main Ethereum network”, then select custom RPC(its usually at the bottom). 3) Now just fill in these exact details below in the corresponding fields of your Metamask wallet

Name: xDai

New RPC URL: https://rpc.xdaichain.com/

ChainID (Optional): 100

Symbol: xDai

Block Explorer URL: https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai

Click save and Voila! thats it, your Metamask is now switched to the xDai chain and you can interact with 1Hive.

xDai is a side chain of the Ethereum blockchain so it has all the properties of Ethereum, which means that you can cross over almost any xDai chain token over to the Ethereum mainet version of same token as long as its Ethereum version is already in existence. Currently, this can be done via the Omnibridge here https://xdai-omnibridge.web.app/. Likewise, you can also do the reverse, i.e. cross over xDai tokens over to the Eth mainet versions. All you have to do is select mainet on the top right corner of the Omnibridge platform and switch your Metamask wallet to the Ethereum blockchain as i explained above. This can also be done manually without Omnibridge, you can find instructions to do that here https://docs.tokenbridge.net/eth-xdai-amb-bridge/multi-token-extension/how-to-transfer-tokens But be warned you have to know your way around etherscan. It is important to note however that the bridge does not work when switching erc-20 Dai over to the xDai chain so that it becomes xDai. To do this you must have to use the Dai bridge here https://dai-bridge.poa.network/ (please use this bridge only to convert Dai to xDai and vice versa, to bridge other erc-20 tokens over to the xDai chain you have to use the Omni bridge)

Just like Ethereum you also need gas for transactions but unlike Ethereum, gas cost almost nothing and is denominated in xDai not Gwei. 1 cent ($0.01) can pay the fees for dozens of transactions on the xDai Chain that’s how amazing it is :sunglasses:.

The xDai you use to settle transaction fees is the same thing as the Dai stable coin but xDai lives on the xDai chain and Dai lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

That’s just about it folks, I’ll edit this post from time to time, also let me know if there is something you think i missed. Once again welcome to the Hive!



Nice write up, appreciate the effort! You can never have too many of these guides for people :slight_smile: Have you considered spreading this information around to other platforms, say to reddit? If you do, let me know and i’ll come and provide some support.

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Yep good to have all the info in just one link that can be posted on tg/twitter/reddit/4chan etc to bring new interest and users to the community

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Thanks. I just knew what it felt like when i first arrived here, I wrote it assuming it was already here when i arrived, it would have helped and i believe it’ll help a lot of new members too.


Nice guide/article, keep up the good work Kryptobi!!


Bravo! Great read thank you

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Nice man you packed everything properly in one post. Keep it up man :+1: :muscle:

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Thanks! Excellent work aggregating all the information together. Already bookmarked for future reference.

This is great especially for those who are new to 1Hive to be able to get a mental picture of how it all works and also help them figure out where they want to put time and resources if any.

Love this all the things I want to know are all here. Really appreciate all the effort of this community.