Agave Bounty Board (Subject to Changes)

Hey Bees, good evening. :honeybee:

Lately, I’ve been working on a first draft of a Bounty Board for Agave. As a DAO, aiming to have multiple contributors with different skills and ideas is absolutely crucial, and I believe that community engagement and community strength are fundamental elements in the success of a project.

At the following link you can access a Google Sheet in which I outlined a list of bounties. Such list is subject to changes and community feedbacks are more than welcome. I want to thank @Monstrosity and @solarmkd for their initial feedbacks and trust. :honey_pot:

Agave Bounty Board

Guides, tutorials, social tasks, designs, and more. This list can go on quite much. As you can see several task will require the launch of the platform, but some others (mainly, regarding listings) are ready to be worked on. All of them could be already claimed.

General Info

How to claim a Bounty → If interested in working on a bounty, you can dm me or answer this forum post.
How to get paid → Due to the volatility of the token, the idea is to issue weekly payments. We will consider the average price of Agave during the previous 7 days, in order to issue a fair payment.
When payments? → Every Monday
Job done → Payment will happen once the job is completed.
Quality of work → For some specific tasks (design&video, for instance) Agave’s brand guidelines should be considered.
Quality of work 2 → Submitting a work doesn’t guarantee the pay if the quality of the work is not up to the swarms expectation. I will be always available for feedbacks along the way.
Extra bounties → The presented budgets are taking in consideration the available budget. However, if needed, we do have the flexibility to add extra tasks.
Multiple bounties → The same user can claim multiple bounties; However, we want to open this process to as many contributors as possible.

So…I hope this is going to bring new contributors to Agave’s family, and I’d be happy to hear your feedbacks, suggestions, critiques and, hopefully, enthusiasm about claiming one or multiple tasks. This board is subject to change.

Take care everyone.


Hey stonky… i went through the board and and here are some suggestions:

  1. Would like to see more bounties for user testing and feedback… even if they are small. I think if there is, it will allow for some new beez to be involved early on, test the interface and give valuable feedback and also pick up any UI/UX issues.
  2. Would also be nice to have some bounties for twitter campaigns - like having a short tweet storm on similar “How to AGAVE” series
  3. If users are allowed to test and rewarded, part of the reward could also be simple educational articles/ videos on their experiences as well.
  4. This could a little off topic but with I am unsure if AGAVEs roadmap extends to polygon. If it does then there could be future bounties like getting AGAVE to be listed on spaces like zapper, 1inch, paraswap. I guess this depends on Honeyswap having enough volume and liquidity so that these sites route through Honeyswap if a swap for AGAVE is looked for.

promote also in Spanish

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hey there, thanks for your feedback.

Makes a lot of sense, I’ll reply point by point.

  1. Bounties for testing. I am not sure this fits into the marketing budget. Community testing is super important, but I don’t think that is fair to include it in this budget.
  2. Bounties for Twitter. Right now Twitter has one of the highest balance to be fair, Twitter admins get paid per tweet and they can work with graphic designers, having more people working on that. But, definitely, at some point, we can enlarge the spectrum of the twitter action (i’m not an expert in that, so thanks for the feedback)
  3. the How to Agave series i’ve in mind is exactly on the educational side. Short articles with step by step guides and a clear explanation of advantages and risks of using certain functions of the platform.
  4. Listings: The more the better. I included as more platforms as I could think of, but to be honest i use none of them :smiley: We can have the flexibility to pay for a bounty listing outside of that listing (but better to ask to make sure there’s budget left)
    But yes, definitely the more the better in terms of being everywhere.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, hope my answers make sense!


Hello there, @stonky. Is it possible to join and submit designs and videos solely through Twitter or YouTube? As I previously stated, promoting and increasing the community may be as simple as supporting video creators and graphic designers! Thanks for your efforts @stonky


Do you have some other ideas in mind other than Twitter and Youtube?
So far I included these 2 as I guessed are the most important ones, but at times we do need designs for Medium articles and eventual other things. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback!


Excellent and magnificent work brother, you are great! @Stonky

I am really interested in participating in anything that requires of me as a designer! I’m watching over here, on the Agave discord channel!

Currently, I have run out of my daily life job! And I will have more time and willingness to dedicate it to Agave, you can keep me in mind, Thank you and the best energies for what is to come for AGAVE!

:green_heart:I think reddit can use and exploit more agave information out there!


nice, thanks a lot for your input. I did not consider Reddit as I’m completely unfamiliar with it, but when needed we may need some work also covering this other platform.

I have you in my mind :wink:

Thanks stonky for the detailed reply. They make sense. I did not have prior knowledge that the current twitter accounts were already part of the marketing budget. So it does makes sense not to have a seperate bounty for it. However I think twitter can be a great medium to get to users that are generally at a higher level of understanding when compared to youtube or tiktok audience.

On that note, I know we had a discussion here on the forum with regards to using tiktok to influence the next gen users that may not be using the likes of crypto twitter. This could also be an interesting angle to think about especially if we are thinking about delivering quality short educational content and not make it feel like a shill.


I totally agree, I’ll keep tiktok in mind as well and rootdraws was working on something related to that as far as i know!

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I agree with the Twitter Storm we need one, it would be nice for at least 10-20 beez to be active weekly so that we all share and like the posts so we get a boost in engagement.


I would like to write the articles and start with the 1st one:
HOW TO AGAVE 1: STAKING $75 Medium Article 3-5 Min

If you guys like my style I will write all of them by next week.

I should not write all of the articles, it’s better we get more people involved here.


@ZER8 I find it really interesting, I think staying active is an important point

@project_uwb tik tok can give a boost of recognition among millennial communities, since it is easier to viralize and reach more people, I think the only important thing is to make quality content and as a team!

@Stonky question, the rewards or tasks will be assigned by someone specific, like you, @solarmkd or @Monstrosity :eyes:


Yes, Tik-toks power must be used for good also, we need a strategy over there as well.


Well so far who wants to claim a bounty can dm me or claim it here. I already updated ZER8’s name in the spreadsheet.

About paying, I talked to monstro and solar and I can take care of that as well, after completion of the bounty. At the same time it could happen that if someone claims a bounty and does a job I may ask the opinion of the team to verify that some technical info are correct, but other than that it’s a pretty straightforward process. The idea is to not have 1 writer for everything and one designer for everything, but to build a corpus of artists and contributors that can help Agave being always active despite the period of the year.


Yes, of course it would be better not having the same people doing the same stuff, I was just saying that if there is a need of urgency to write the articles I could do that. Sometimes I forget that this is a

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I could make any design that appears here.

could you guide me

I am completely interested in working! :green_heart:

Thanks @Stonky

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It’s awesome that agave reached this point and I would like to take on article number 6 called:
I think I’ll find out if I have a chance to try :grin: :innocent:


Hey, thank you for your interest! We can discuss about what this article can be about, so yeah, fantastic! I’ll add you in the list! You can dm me on Discord and we get some common ground covered!

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I’m interested in listing Agave on Lunarcrash, should I send you a dm?