1 Hive Monthly Recap - June 2021

Hi Bees, :honeybee:

It is once more Recap-time! June 2021 has been quite a busy month for different swarm, while others have been working behind scenes and will have more to announce in the coming weeks/months. :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Should you want to check some previous recaps, here you have them:
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Once more, I’d like to feature and thank @hernandoagf (pollen) - @chuygarcia92 (commons) - @Blazar & @D0SH (buzz) - @ComandoBurrito (Hivecraft) - @pab (Canon) - @sacha (Gardens)
If I forgot someone, forgive me and let me know, and I’ll add you! :slight_smile:

Swarms Monthly Recap - June 2021

:rosette: Pollen Swarm:

Pollen Swarm has been working on a new onboarding system as well as improvements to automate some of the weekly tasks, this project is now complete and these improvements include:

  • A new onboarding system so users can fill their information through bot commands.
  • A database to easily store and work with the user information.
  • Scripts to update cred information for the pollen bot, to activate users in the pollen instance, to easily fetch the user addresses for payments and to update HNY distributions.

Useful links:

:sunflower:Gardens Swarm:

Design, UI, UX

We have a new branding / visual identity for Gardens, courtesy of Fiore :tada:

Figma designs (option 2)

Garden onboarding wireframes

We’ve made a great deal of progress with the Gardens onboarding wizard.

Figma designs

Sem’s adjustments:

UX Research

We’ll shortly be starting work with a UX researcher on the Gardens UI.

User onboarding

Talks with potential Gardens creators progressing

Nothing to announce just yet but some very promising developments.

Parameter renaming party with TEC

We met with our friends from TEC to discuss how to best rename the Garden parameters (they have done an excellent job thinking about how to make these parameter names clearer)

ethcc gardens talk confirmed

Sacha and Sem are going to give a talk at ethcc in Paris (july 20-22nd). The purpose of the talk will be to introduce Gardens.


Integrated new minime token

Gardens Metadata: GitHub Api Integration

Sneak peak:



We are researching how to best support Gardens on Arbitrum.

Related links

Gardens workspace: zenhub

Forum post: liquidity mining for Gardens

Gardens launch retrospective: Free Online Retrospectives | Parabol

Sprint planning #11: 🧑‍🌾 Gardens Sprint Planning #11 - HackMD

Sprint planning #10: 🧑‍🌾 Gardens Sprint Planning #10 - HackMD

:globe_with_meridians:Commons Swarm:

  • The TE Commons will be a 1hive Garden! We’ll implement the Commons Stack pattern to be fully operational with Gardens. Here’s a sneak peek on how to upgrade a Garden into a Commons.
  • The TEC will be using Celeste as a Commons arbitrator.
  • A lot of progress on the TEC Convert front-end for the Commons Upgrade.
  • We’re ready for the Hatch!! Make sure you follow the TEC Twitter and don’t miss out on any of the exciting things happening this month!

Useful links:

:yellow_heart:Support Swarm:

Support Swarm keeps doing the same:

  • Onboard new Users to 1Hive
  • Helped with troubleshooting for new Users
  • Reward helpers in help channels
  • Encourage new users to help
  • Highly active team (high accountability no work = no pay)

In July we will make a new proposal for the coming months, expecting more activity due to the launch of agave and the new farms on Polygon.

:butterfly:Morphosis Swarm:

More updates from Morphosis Swarm in the coming recaps! Stay tuned!

Useful links:

:sun_with_face:Celeste Swarm:

More updates from Celeste Swarm in the coming recaps! Stay tuned!

Useful Links:

:earth_americas:Terra Swarm:

Terra Swarm, as usual, provides translations of everything concerning 1Hive. Our team is well oiled and deliveries are extremely fast. In the past month we have worked on numerous translations: Introducing Honeycomb - 1Hive May Monthly Recap - 1Hive Celebrates Polygon Launch with Airdrop & Farms - Agave Weekly Updates #9 - #10 - #11 - #12 -

:cactus:Agave Swarm:

AgaveDAO is working extra hard to deliver a top-notch app, and June has been a very busy month.

Our NFT Contest has come to an end, and we’ve collected a wide number of fantastic pieces of art from our community members. We are planning multiple use cases for these NFTs and this will broaden the spectrum of action of our DAO.

We have completed several functions and pages for our app, both in terms of frontend and backend.

Agave is in 2 pairs of 1Hive’s Honeycomb farms: AGVE-HNY (17%APY) and AGVE-XDAI (48%APY). For what concerns staking,we’ve reached a peak of nearly 7000 AGVE in the security module (5700 at the time of writing)

Almost 100k worth of Agave are now on Honneyswap-Polygon.

Furthermore, we have opened the testing phase for the Gardens DAO, a new UI that will heavily improve the voting system and the creation of proposals. Click here for a guide on how to participate in the testing.

Finally, we have published a first draft of the Agave Bounty Board, which will allow the community to participate and earn Agave by completing different tasks.

The Board is subject to change and everyone is more than welcome to read here the proposed bounties and provide valuable feedback.

As always, we are also publishing weekly updates to keep track of every development concerning agave. Updates #9 - #10 - #11 - #12

Useful links:

:honeybee:Buzz Swarm:

  • Organized and pushed out the marketing content for the pComb launch via Buzz bounties. The content was able to attract some of the biggest numbers we have seen in terms of traffic on our media - Almost 30k Views!
  • Buzz has been working on setting up a Polygon network AMA to introduce 1Hive to their audience.
  • Started mentoring new buzz members on housekeeping duties as buzz admins and other buzz tasks. Additionally, we now have an amazing new dedicated super admin @blazingthirdeye.
  • Request granted by #pollen swarm to increase social-curation to have the channel weight increased from 0.25x to 0.5x in order to further incentivize decentralized media creation. Furthermore users are encouraged to work with other members within 1Hive to create social curation posts as users tagged also share cred :wink:
  • Started working with internal groups to form more working swarms within 1Hive. We are trying to help form the 1Hive-radio and design swarm to be funded swarms to further increase our media making outreach and optimize the way media is created and shown.
  • Maintaining relations with previous ecosystem partners with the addition of Hedgy Finance and Beluga Finance

Useful Links:

:star:Quests Swarm:

More updates from Quests Swarm in the coming recaps! Stay tuned!

Useful links:

:ledger:Canon Project:

The 1st Funding Proposal was posted on the forum, the team is looking to make another more detailed one before posting on the honeypot site for voting to take place. Currently focused on development of the funding proposal, mainly for efforts behind the Genesis Collection.

The project is still looking for contributors of all kinds - Devs / UX designers / artists / NFT technical advisors, etc. - If you want to help out please reach out to us in the 1hive / canon discord server text channels.

Useful links:

WTF is Canon & The 1Hive Genesis Collection

[1st Funding Proposal

(Canon funding proposal (First Draft) - #15 by D0SH)Canon Discord Server


Last June 4th, @erminio and @ComandoBurrito presented the first Hivecraft milestone: Hivecraft Honey Plots. It was truly a special event for Hivecraft and even for 1Hive as a community. We minted and sent a total of 30 genesis plots.Fortunately, the first airdrop and even the setup for the Discord/Minecraft link has deployed smoothly.

Right now, we are working on a collab land fork, we have been researching and we found out we will need a hand on that. The reason for the collab land fork is because collab land has many limitations in terms of tokenizing items, equipment and other stuff you can imagine to be an NFT as we previously showed in previous posts about NFT cosmetics and more types of things. It is also planned to create these NFTs based on Canon, to make this type of content “official”.

Useful links:

:tulip:Tulip Swarm:

Tulip swarm has worked around the clock to meet the 1July deadline, when farms on Polygon will start! Liquidity on Honeyswap-xDai rose to nearly 20MLN in June, and that of Honeyswap-Polygon rose too, in anticipation of the pComb airdrop.

Useful links:

1Hive Celebrates Polygon Launch With Airdrop & Farms

Thank you for reading so far, and see you in one month for the 1Hive July Recap! :honey_pot:


Nice work especially the gardens development.


Your job was good in terms of acquiring information and alerting others. Thank you very much. :pray:

Awesome. Lots of great works are done.
I really enjoy reading monthly recaps @Stonky.
Lots of love. :heart:


video credit - @harsh24


Stonky… thanks for providing the update. Always get to catch up on so much that is happening on the Hive in the one place. Also like the cool graphic at the start. Looking forward to more of these!


thanks! it’s useful indeed, there’s too much going on, and it’s nice to have a history of swarms achievements through the months

@Stonky really appreciate these recaps. Thanks for putting this together.

Is there a 1Hive newsletter and/or a way to be notified when recaps like this are published?


hey @burrrata
This is the 1hive’s newsletter: http://eepurl.com/hnKdST
I also think the guys are working on it too.

btw, monthly recaps are published on 1hive Medium too.
I think it will be good to tweet the monthly recaps on 1hive’s twitter @solarmkd @D0SH