Agave Vote 18, 19, 20, 21 (May 9, 2021)


Seeds are voting as follows:

  • Vote 18 - No
  • Vote 19 - Yes
  • Vote 20 - Yes
  • Vote 21 - Yes

Vote 18 is to be ignored (voted down)

Console commands to add finance app to aragon dao. The console commands needed to be tested Vote 20 they were tested

Vote 19 - Revest Greenhornets Tokens

A yes vote means greenhornets orginal agave seed tokens will but put back into a token manager releasing the tokens at the same vesting rate as the other seed members. This was needed because he wanted to move his agave to a different address.

For more details read vote 2

A no vote means greenhornet has no access to any of his tokens.

Vote 20 - Aproves LP to be spent (converts Agve-Weth into Agave-Hny)

A yes vote means you approve converting agve-weth LP into agve-hny LP held by agave aragon dao. This is done by slowly removing and swapping the agve-weth LP for agve-hny. This also was per the original agreement agave had with 1hive. The proposal is an attempt to make this right by honoring the original proposal and putting things back as originally intended.

For details please read this informational weth to hny drip contract proposal.

The contract has been written and is complete all that is needed is to approve the drip contracts swapping of the LP tokens because these LP tokens are held in the agave dao it needs a vote to approve the swapping of these tokens

A no vote means the the agave dao goes against the original agreement with 1hive and does not convert any of the agve-weth LP.

Vote 21 Add finance app to aragon DAO

Console commands to add finance app to aragon dao.


Agave Aragon DAO
Also, if you are having troubles loading aragon dao connect wallet first and then it should load votes in about 1 minute.


vote made, full support from Colombia! good vibes to team Agve! :writing_hand: 9


Interesting voting and its results are worth considering @Monstrosity :+1:

Whoops aped into staking with all my AGVE :man_shrugging:t4:

I’m sure the seeds have enough to make these pass though right?


Made my vote. Thank you for the post :honeybee: :beers:

Lmaol… yep aped degen style into the staking module today. Hope It all gets sorted and we are on they way to release soon!

Is it possible to vote with staked agave?

Yes its possible agve team took snapshot and votes went live earlier before official agve staking so you can vote.


You can still vote there was snapshot so if you had agave before official launching of agave staking you will be able to vote.

Also have my agave staked so good to know I can still vote.

What is the expected price impact of honey and agave with the drip? Will selling agave to buy honey cause the price of agave to drop and honey price to rise?

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Here we go.
Voting with staking agve is the best idea.

Cuando Aragón me deje voto jajaja

Made my vote! Thank u~

Thanks for this great information!

I continue with the problem that the Aragon page does not load, I have tried with a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave) and it does not leave me in any! Will anyone know why?

I think Aragon is not a good page for voting, maybe developers are finding another better option like or similar.

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I totally agree with you, I was not able to do it in the previous vote either. Hopefully the administrators take into consideration and move the vote to the Snapshot or also to the 1Hive page

Try going to Settings>Network>and clear the app cache

That helped me to get the page to load

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It would be excellent if they voted like that, because Aragon usually takes a long time! I hope in the future I will have greater speed

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@Monstrosity @anisoptera @luigy hey guys, are you able to provide some advice on this or where I can look up more info on the drip? I know this will be considered but I like to know more before supporting this vote #20. Happy to support 19 and 21 as is