Canon funding proposal (First Draft)

That’s exactly what it says.

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At the moment I’m keeping the core group focused and headed in the same direction.
We’re just forming and haven’t written out a timeline or parsed specific work to team members yet. I’m here to support Pab and help him prioritize what needs to be done.

The current scope of the project is to create the Genesis Collection, a group of about ten NFTs commemorating 1Hive history with artwork and accompanying written entries. I guess nobody has said that directly? There are so many possibilities it’s hard to remember that’s all that’s actually on the table atm.

I studied Art History at the U of Oregon and have experience curating and exhibiting collections for student shows as well as helping artists make decisions about work they’re doing.

My experience curating can help with fitting the collection together thematically.
I appreciate and believe I understand Luke’s vision and am excited for the opportunity to be part of the execution.


thanks for the replies @eenti @metaverde but as you have written here

Can you specify the difference between the two? someone keeping track of the work done and someone keeping the group focus is the same thing.

Also in the below statement you have said that there’s no plans yet but there is $HNY scoped into a budget so I’m wondering how is it you can scope something without knowing what work is set out to happen?

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I didn’t say “there’s no plans yet”.
There’s no due dates or tickets written is what I said.

Again, the proposal is to pay for work already done, to reimburse Luke for payments he’s made, and to continue work on the Genesis Collection of about ten NFTs commemorating 1Hive history.

Keeping track of the work done and making payments isn’t the same as clarifying and delineating what needs to be done. I must not be understanding your question.

When you talk about the development of of artwork and pieces if any what does that mean? The objectives seem very unclear here in terms of what is being delivered.

I’m working on a document with more specific deliverable details for the part of the work I’d be doing these next few weeks if the proposal does go through - I’ll be posting it in this discussion later this week. You’re right to assume that essentially most of the progress derived from this specific proposal would be on the pieces that comprise the Genesis Collection itself.

On that note, part of the reason for this is there hasn’t really been much response from people willing to put the time in on the dev side of things for the concept - although based on the “WTF is Canon” post, most of that side of the project would get worked upon once we have the genesis collection finished, as many questions / discussions relevant to the research and development behind those parts, including Issuance, Distribution, Collection, and Curation Mechanics will arise from having that finished product.

As for @eenti & @metaverde 's involvement in the proposal, I think the reasons behind it are written clearly in the proposal but I can see why you would ask why they’re necessary considering how small of a team we are right now. Part of the reason behind delegating some of the accounting / team management chores that may arise is that this team is not really intended to be a final roster for the canon swarm, but rather an initial kind of seed group so that we can begin the development and are able to eventually incorporate more people that may be able to help us cover different needs as time goes by. You have to keep in mind I’m only really good at drawing :sweat_smile: but every now and then we WILL need help when it comes to tasks that may require other skillsets that involve managing teams of people, scheduling meetings, keeping track of other members’ hours / work for payments to happen, finding and approaching people who may become valuable contributors to the project, etc.

Let me know if this answered your questions or if you think there is anything that could make the proposal better, I appreciate u taking the time to read through it so far and letting us know whatever concerns you may have :smiley: I will make sure to tag you once I upload the document w more detailed deliverable info.


Hi Pab thanks for the responses, i hope you understand my nit picking is of goodwill and its not anything personal as i do love the idea of Canon and want it’s success.

Basing on these two statements below and hopefully not drawing it out of context here;

It seems that this proposal is for the start of the collection “Genesis” more so then the actual Canon swarm, and hopefully out of this proposal a swarm will be put together.

If this is correct I think the deliverables need to reflect alot more details on the whole proposal as what is being funded and what role each person is playing in it.

Like Meta stated here this proposal should be including these details and not be left open ended.

A very simplified example towards this would be:

10 NFTS, Each NFT consists of one page written story that ties into the previous. Each NFT is a hand drawn sketch by a professional artist that takes into consideration 5 other members opinions and the DAOs overall outlook on the art. Each of these stories are coded in the blockchain which may contain music pieces to enhance the user experience. To execute this effectively we require 1 manager to keep the core working group on deadlines and 1 manager to effectively communicate to the communtiy etc…

I think once these details are ironed out and this proposals undergoes a few revisions you will be on the right track to fund this swarm. Again all this is IMO so please take it with a drop of $HNY


We will make something awesome using our collective mind in 1hive. :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:


That’s right, the key to success is bringing each of the elements together as a team and making ourselves stronger!

for 1hive growth! @ZER8


It’s our turn to make awesome products, other have paved a great road for us to walk on.

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exactly @ZER8

I think we should start creating things, but who will direct what to do or design.

@pab we await instructions to see how we can contribute :honeybee:

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Like Meta stated here this proposal should be including these details and not be left open ended.

Quoting the disclaimer in the end of the proposal here:

As of now, development is focused on the creation of the pieces & written content which make up the 1Hive Canon Genesis Collection and it will take some time before all of the different working groups begin their activity regarding the project.

Regarding this

10 NFTS, Each NFT consists of one page written story that ties into the previous. Each NFT is a hand drawn sketch by a professional artist that takes into consideration 5 other members opinions and the DAOs overall outlook on the art. Each of these stories are coded in the blockchain which may contain music pieces to enhance the user experience. To execute this effectively we require 1 manager to keep the core working group on deadlines and 1 manager to effectively communicate to the communtiy etc…

The main reason we did not write it down that way is that to be able to deliver NFTs we’d need to have the issuance, distribution, collection and curation mechanics figured out, even if we did figure out all of those details by then, the execution of the artworks will certainly not be possible within such a small timeframe; so while the 10 NFTs are in fact the main objective of this proposal down the line, there’s no scenario in which I’d feel comfortable listing them as deliverables at least in this stage of the project.

A more realistic approach to deliverables I´d feel more comfortable with considering the timeframe this proposal would cover would probably be 10 final thumbnails / storyboards off of which the final illustrations / animations will be executed but that’s just speaking on my end of the deliverable work. If anyone wants to add to the list w more detailed deliverables (that are possible at this stage of the project) for their part of the work these next weeks please do mention these in response to this comment.

If no one can verbalize any other specific deliverables I guess the next thing we do is either make another proposal just asking for Luke’s part to be refunded and my cut from the work I did in May which wasn’t covered - as well as maybe the funds to cover the deliverables I’d be willing to do… but then there’d be no one recruiting, managing teams/projects and/or managing the funds for other people’s unexpected contributions if any do arise in the form of bounty work etc.

I hope this explains / gives more context on why we went with such a vague way of describing deliverables in the first instance. Illustration work is not a very strict layed out process, it varies from artist to artist and part of the reasoning behind not being too specific about deliverables was to manage expectations and leave time and space for research and experimentation, taking advantage of the fact that there aren’t really any deadlines for the canon project to be finalized prior to.


My outline so far @D0SH :smiley:

cc @lkngtn @eenti @metaverde @Blazingthirdeye

CANON Genesis Collection Deliverables: External / Internal

Project Objective:
To clearly establish and commemorate some of the most important events in 1Hive’s history through the creation of a collection comprised of 10 different NFTs made up of both pieces of text as well as artworks that represent these through visual metaphors and the use of defined aesthetic guidelines to create powerful content that serves the purpose of providing the community with the blueprint off of which to create a toolset for them and other orgs to be able to curate collections of historical archival art in a decentralized manner.

Primary Deliverables (External):

10 NFTs featuring the 10 most important and earliest historical events in 1Hive’s history, each comprised of the following pieces of content:

1 illustration / animation based on each of the selected points in the timeline that are to be considered genesis artifacts.

1 written article including perspective or depiction of the events by seed(s)’ and / or other people who were involved in the events / research paper behind the subject at hand

(This one’s an idea/suggestion) //1 episode of DAOn To Earth Podcast that feature these events to be NFT’d along with both the written article and artworks - These function as both content and marketing material for both the collection itself and the project as a whole as well as for the DAO itself and all the other different projects that the organization may be involved in at the time of release.

Secondary Deliverables (Internal - For delivery within the timeframe this funding proposal considers):

10 final thumbnails / storyboards off of which the final illustrations / animations will be executed.

1st Drafts for each of the 10 articles - to be further revised and edited before final execution just like the previously mentioned thumbnails / storyboards.

Schedule for each of the 10 different DAOn To Earth Podcast episodes featuring interviews covering recaps of these events with the people involved.

Genesis Collection Project Outline - Context
Specifically for the Genesis Collection, what we want to do is delineate 10 events that could be considered crucial within the organization’s history.

Why a static set?
Static sets provide a space for art direction = a more curated, aesthetically aligned collection of pieces, which in this specific case would cover events that were critical in the birth (Genesis) of the DAO and the community around it.

In essence, sets being static could mean there would be a timeline in which people can work on all of the pieces the collection would be comprised of with anticipation, giving time for more researched, thought out, and more complex structure / usability for the NFTs included.

Static sets would probably be best for covering events or a set of points in a timeline which happened long ago and whose story may not be as much subject to change in present time

@Blazingthirdeye suggested dividing collections in Epochs (of 3 months or so) in order to better be able to categorize the different artworks that may keep arising out of the organizations’ activity through time - I like how this idea spawns the concept in my mind of having current epochs be dynamic sets which would change to static ones once the specific timeframe for the epoch finishes.

// I think the Genesis Set should be a static one, because of the fact that these events have already occurred and the perception of these from the people involved is almost frozen in a sense, as it will remain unchanged no matter what happens in >the “now”.
What happens with more recent events is that the unfolding of these may lead to different ways of perceiving these as time progresses; which is why I think we don’t really want to start canonizing events until some time has passed and these can be considered finished, or dealt with, in a sense.

So far, these are my ideas for the Genesis Collection. All of these can be changed if through discussion the community concludes there would be a better way to go at it. This is not final.

Building on top of these ideas, these would be the pieces the collection would be comprised of (or atleast the structure I propose) - all were taken from the first outline of possible past events to cover made by Luke


On another note; Luke mentioned he wanted to find ways to make the Canon project a functional one even before the actual platform is up and running. Pondering upon that made me think it would be cool if we used some of the HNY of the proposal to make our own marketplace / farm on Unifty. Just throwing that out there to know what the general opinion on it would be…

I personally like the idea but am not sure if I want the genesis collection to be the one featured on there since I’m thinking the best way to mint / distribute these would be 1 by 1 through drop events with a specific timeframe for auctions to take place, although I’m not completely sure if there are any platforms on xdai that let you make auctions yet… The reason behind that is, this way we wouldn’t necessarily need to have all 10 NFTs finished to start releasing content, and this way each drop could be marketed on its own as a sort of event that people would look out for.

That’s it; this is a very long post and for that I’d be grateful w whoever took the time to read this whole thing and lets me know their opinion on the matter :sweat_smile:


Hi Pab. Great work on this super detailed proposal expansion. Question: Will the Genesis set be only 1 copy of each NFT for a total of 10 NFTs or will there be multiple copies. Like 10 or 20 or whatever number?

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Now that you mention it, I’m not completely sure… but thanks for pointing that out. I’d think some of the NFTs would lend themselves to there being several copies of them, as well as viceversa some would lend themselves to only being 1/1s. Maybe once we have the actual written content / more detailed stories behind each event as well as the actual content that is going to get minted we can take decisions on a more informed basis of what would be better for each of the 10 different points of the timeline we intend to cover w the collection

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At what point will designers start getting involved in Canon Genesis? I’m sure many, including myself, are eager to contribute something!

I read your detailed description, and believe me I congratulate you, you do a great job! :honeybee: @pab

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Since this is a DAO anyone can get involved and contribute at any time in any way they can and see fit. You don’t need to wait for instructions from anyone to contribute with work that you think will benefit the organization. If the rest of the community sees the value in the work you’re providing you will most definitely be compensated. Although you probably want to wait until a proposal has passed and there’s funding to pay for whatever work you may do. (but I’d argue that’s what SourceCred is for in a sense…) There are still some details we need to flesh out before making a more formal proposal and putting that up for voting on the honeypot site… I made the mistake to frame this is as the proposal when I should’ve included something along the lines of signaling/draft/etc to the title of this post.

I’m kind of loaded up with work and can’t really think up ways in which you can get involved right now but by all means I’d encourage you to do whatever work you think will be valuable to the project and upload it to the #canon channel in the discord server. :slight_smile:

@pab i understand you are loaded with work, you must take breaks and have a good coffee!

I send you the best energies so that everything you do is positive

I will work on an idea that I can think of and that way I can upload it and see if it can be useful, thank you for your timely response :ok_hand:


Hello everyone :smiley: - recently @eenti @metaverde had a small meeting to kinda bounce and discuss everything we’ve written here in order to elaborate a better defined proposal. We agreed we wanted to move a lot of the work into a bounty system in order to have the community get more easily involved in the project and maybe find new talent out there willing to put their time into it.

This comment is so I can bounce w the community the small framework I’ve been developing for the art related bounties; more specifically those regarding the development of the Genesis Collection. In the future, this framework will probably not directly apply to the other collections which may blossom from continuous efforts from the swarm, but I hope it can serve as a small blueprint to be considered for these too. Which is why i’m very hesitant on taking any final decisions before listening to what other members of the community have to say about it :sweat_smile:

Canon: Genesis Collection | Art Bounty Guidelines

For the Genesis Collection to maintain its quality standard and a cohesive art direction on all the pieces it is comprised of, I’ve been given the task to delineate the steps to take in order to successfully take up and redeem a bounty that would involve the execution of an illustration or animation to be used for one of the 10 NFTs in the collection.

Listing of the bounties:

Should include the following info:

  • SUBJECT MATTER Brief Synopsis / Link to the finished written article the piece would be based upon.
  • DEADLINE Exact date or time frame for which the deliverable would be needed.
  • BUDGET Will commonly be listed as a range (EG: $500 - $2000 USD in HNY)
  • USAGE NFT & Social Media Content for most cases (royalties for artists involved will eventually worked out, as the discussion around issuance, distribution, etc develops.)

Bounties are open in the sense that anyone can apply to taking any if posted on the board. However, for bounties to be considered on the pipeline, or taken, applicants must undergo a process for the team to make sure the person is / will be able to perform up to art direction quality standards.

  • Submitting a portfolio of no more than 2-5 pieces that demonstrate cohesiveness between skillset and the established art direction. See moodboard below.
    1 on 1 Portfolio Reviews can be scheduled within the Canon Discord Server, make sure to tag @pab
    including a link to your work and info on your availability / time zone for quicker organization.

  • There’s the possibility that some (if not most) of the bounties may require the submission of a quick sketch / thumbnail in order to gauge at the skillset of the person trying to take the job - before being considered >in the pipeline

  • If more than one person applies for the same bounty, whoever is deemed the most fit by the Canon Swarm (specifically other artists & writers) will take the gig


Once you’ve successfully taken up a bounty, the “artist” role will be assigned to you within the Canon discord server, giving you access to the Genesis Collection Category in which you’ll be able to discuss or post your work for feedback, etc.

In this category, artists will be able to post a screenshot of their work halfway through the process (final thumbnail before rendered execution in the case of static pieces, rough storyboard / animatic the case of animated pieces) in order to get payed a first part of the bounty (50%) before continuing with the rest of the piece. This will give space for any changes or edits that ought to be made when bouncing the concept w the rest of the team including other artists, writers, editors, etc. This process will add to cohesiveness of the collection, as well as provide a part of the payment before-hand so that the people involved are not seen working on a budget-less basis, ensuring safe working conditions and making sure no one goes through the hassle of finishing a piece and not getting paid for it because of any misunderstanding regarding the end result of the piece, be it for quality, narrative, or other kinds of issues.

Suggested Creative Process
We are aware different artists may have different workflows that better adjust to their abilities, which is why this framework is just a suggestion, taking into account revisions may need to occur somewhere in the beginning and middle of the project, sticking to this structure will prevent bounty hunters from doing work that does not make the cut, leaving the at a loss equivalent to the time and efforts put into their submissions.

Image making process - Static pieces

Phase 1: Rough Sketches / Idea Generation
Phase 2: Rough thumbnails (for composition purposes)
Phase 3: Review / selection of a thumbnail to be further developed to be considered final.

50% payment occurs in this part of the process, once the team agrees its cool to go to phase 4

Phase 4: Execution of the final image based on final thumbnail.

Animation Process:

Phase 1: Idea Generation (Through roughly sketched keyframes)
Phase 2: Review and selection of storyboard to further develop.

50% payment occurs here, once we have a good storyboard / animatic to be developed

Phase 3: Execution of clean keyframes for revisions
Phase 4: Execution of animatic
Phase 5: Execution of fully rendered animation.

Submission Process (Art for the Canon Genesis Collection)

Once finished, pieces would be submitted in the Genesis Collection Category #final-submissions text channel (This would be a hidden text channel specifically visible only to confirmed contributors) within the Canon Discord Server.


Please let me know what you guys think, if you have any ideas or suggestions that could make this process better I WILL B READING :eye: :lips: :eye: :yellow_heart:


For context, this framework would require the written content to be produced in an up front kind of way, before putting any work into image making, so maybe we want to direct a lot more of the funding on the initial stages of the project on historical research / written content related work (?)


I will also contribute to the art direction and design:D

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