Commons Swarm: How are we doing?

Wednesday’s Weekly Commons Update - Feb 15-21

Hello 1hive! This new thread will have the same function as its predecessor, but regarding the new Commons Swarm comms.

Read our funding proposal here.

Quick recap: In order to improve the marketing and onboarding to communities using Conviction Voting and to better scope the work for this Swarm, we are going to rename “Gardens Swarm” to “Commons Swarm” and focus on what was considered the “Commons Template” Flavor of Gardens which uses the Augmented Bonding Curve for issuance and Hatch for Initialization, will now not be considered a flavor of Gardens but actually just it’s own thing.

Some of the last deliveries from the swarm include these 4 pieces of the DAO, please take these in consideration for supporting our funding proposal:

  • Hatch: We adapted Aragon Black’s fundraising app (Specifically Presale.sol) and upgraded it to use Aragon connect. Here’s the second iteration:

  • ABC: We adapted Aragon Convert to use 1hive Marketplace (which converts tokens without batching). You can exchange TESTTEC Tokens via an Augmented Bonding Curve:

  • CV: We adapted 1hive Honeypot v1 to be used with two tokens, and adjusted the governance token price oracle to read from the bonding curve instead of Honeyswap. You can vote with Conviction Voting Here:

  • DV: We ran a demo of 1hive Dandelion Voting with the TEC community here: TEC Test Dandelion Voting App. This will be replaced with disputable voting once it is ready.

Some of this week’s advances:

  • The Commons Swarm holds a weekly meeting every Monday at 7PM UTC. Feel free to jump in!

  • A lot of documentation and sensemaking around the various parameters has been happening in the TEC Forum to reduce the reliance on technocracy to design cryptoeconomies, including a very nice design dashboard that will make it much easier for communities to launch 1hive DAOs on xDai.

  • Our funding proposal is up! Come and participate in the discussion, the Commons Swarm needs the 1hive community to get involved.

See you next Monday in the Gardens weekly meeting @7:00 PM UTC!