Terra DAO 2nd Proposal

Proposal Information

This is the 2nd Proposal of Terra DAO, and not a “monthly” proposal, as almost 2 months have passed since our first proposal. And it is pretty likely that this proposal will also probably be extended like the first one.

This proposal will be for the continuation of the Terra DAO. This DAO was established to be centered around rewarding translations based on metrics discussed in this proposal. The main goals of Terra have been to translate documentation from other swarms, keep the wiki updated in every language, and act like “ambassadors” in communities, who feel excluded due to the language barrier.
The idea has been to set up a bounty system like the one being used in Buzz.


The intention of Terra DAO is to put together a team of translators and content creators that can help every swarm when they need translations and editing of content in a SEO-friendly manner. Other Swarms will be able to submit their own bounty request. Additionally, as we have already created the 1Hive International Discord server, another purpose will be to grow the server to have a better outreach to people without sufficient knowledge of English. Our aim with the International Discord Server is also to be able to provide a common ground for people organize similarly to 1Hive main Discord server, to encourage discussions about our platforms, to educate people about DeFi in general, and to give them an idea about how a true DAO like 1Hive works. However, it has been observed by the Terra team that it may be difficult to bring people on to Discord; hence, leading to the idea that the members of the DAO should cover other communication channels in their respective languages.

During the last proposal period, Terra DAO was able to deliver the following:

Translation of the wiki to Turkish (finished)
Translation of the wiki to Spanish (finished)
Translation of the wiki to Portuguese (finished)
Translation of the wiki to Italian (finished)
Translation of the wiki to German (finished)
Translation of the wiki to French (finished)
Creation of the new International 1Hive Discord
Translation of the weekly recaps to Multiple Languages
Onboarded Multiple users in different languages
Helped Buzz Swarm by tweeting in different languages
Wiki maintenance

For this month’s proposal, we are mainly going to concentrate on Agave and some parts of Celeste, and we prepared our proposal considering the upcoming Agave Wiki, and new medium articles for Celeste and Agave (tutorials). As one of the implied objectives of Agave is to make decentralized finance available for everyone without their level of income or the amount of their investments, we believe that Agave will mainly attract those living in countries where a transaction on the mainnet is extremely high. As what distinguishes 1Hive from other communities is our emphasis on inclusion, we will be striving towards eliminating the language boundary especially for the use of 1Hive products like Agave and Celeste.

So many things are coming from 1Hive, and Celeste is one of them. There will be another Wiki for Celeste. Due to the terminology used within Celeste requires a knowledge of English, we are not going to translate the entire wiki of Celeste. Instead, we are going to create simplified documents, explaining what Celeste is and how it can be used, not going into all the details.

Another thing we will be undertaking will be the weekly recaps and translations of these into languages we believe will be useful. We think those weekly recaps are rather valuable in disseminating information about what’s going on in 1Hive, especially considering the fact that we do not have a full-detailed Roadmap. We want to do this by setting up bounties.

In addition to the textual works and translations, teams of Terra Swarm will also act in a way like “ambassadors” in their respective communities, making the dissemination of information available to individuals who are not in 1Hive through several communication channels especially including Twitter and Telegram.

For the Medium articles, the swarm will set up Medium publications for each language.


Members of Terra DAO

  • lEscanore: Translations Lead, Multi Linguist & Demographic Expert
  • Boring877: Accounts and Management, Multi Linguist
  • Mrtdlgc: Translation Expert, Researcher
  • Doge: Management
  • Stonky: Translation Expert, Multi Linguist

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested: Total of 16 HNY at a current average of 1250$ per Honey

Translation of the Agave wiki to Turkish, Celeste Wiki + QA 1.2
Translation of the Agave wiki to Spanish, Celeste Wiki + QA 1.2
Translation of the Agave wiki to Portuguese, Celeste Wiki + QA 1.2
Translation of the Agave wiki to Italian, Celeste Wiki + QA 1.2
Translation of the Agave wiki to German, Celeste Wiki + QA 1.2
Translation of the Agave wiki to French, Celeste Wiki + QA 1.2
Guild Payment (5 members) 4.8
Weekly Recap + Medium Articles Translation (For Important languages) 4

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0x339fa43b3001f4e17a530a5abf5cc744b54ee79b

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
Above mentioned funds to be allocated for Wiki translations and Weekly Recaps are inclusive of other duties, which are not possible to be measured by hourly rates or rates per word, but rather requiring occasional full-time dedication.

Terra DAO bounty Board:

Link to the Honeypot: https://1hive.org/#/proposal/156


It’s nice to see Terra Dao’s continuous efforts on making 1hive dapps closer to people with language barriers.


Dont see Vietnamese in the list of translation :upside_down_face:
I am from Viet Nam which have a lot of people known your project so it would be great if I would translate some article to Vietnamese and spreading out to big crypto forum : https://mmo4me.com/ with more than 136k members


Oh, we were not actually aware of this. We can certainly set up some bounties for Vietnamese as well.


Really cool to see how much important content has been translated into many languages since last year!

Merci à tous ! Great job! Danke sehr! Grazie mille!


Problem is that we are using in some way statistic from our landing page fro. where people are coming from and from that info we are selecting which language is priority which one is not.If we see for example enormous new members coming to 1hive then we will def select that language for next translation.


Greetins! NIce translations for the comunity!

Muchísimas gracias Chicos!!! :metal: :metal: