1 Hive Monthly Recap - June 2022

1Hive Monthly Recap - June 2022

Welcome to the June Monthly Recap!

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Swarms Monthly Recap

:sunflower:Gardens Swarm

The Gardens Swarm is working on scoping out an overhaul of the platform that will allow our infrastructure to be more modular and futureproof. Discussion is ongoing in this Discord thread: Discord

You can now track the total value of Gardens Common Pools on DefiLlama: Gardens DAO: TVL and stats - DefiLlama

Gardens Growth Numbers:

  • Gardens DAOs: 30
  • Gardens DAO Members: 3,469
  • Gardens DAO Proposals: 295
  • Total Value of Common Pools: $3.92M
  • Total Gardens DAO Liquidity (on Honeyswap): $1.19M

:earth_americas:Terra Swarm:

No updates from Terra Swarm this month.

:cactus:Agave Swarm:

Agave successfully deployed its platform and proceeded with reimbursing 80% of the lost amount to its users, as promised in the GIP34 proposal.

We are now working on new possible implementations and we are in close contact with Gnosis.

We presented to the community a proposal, AGIP-1 to update the LTV parameters for $LINK and $FOX due to short liquidity on the chain. Here a few specifications:

  • Update LTV of $FOX to 0 at this first stage and in the future (at least 2 weeks) start to lower the liquidation threshold or remove it as collateral completely.
  • Update LTV of $LINK reduced to 30% at this first stage and in the future (at least 2 weeks) start to lower the liquidation threshold to 40%

The full proposal is available here and the vote, which passed, is available here.

Agave is also on Zapper now. Check the official Tweet here

:honeybee:Buzz Swarm:

No updates from Buzz Swarm this month.


This summer sure is a hot one and the NFbees also needed to chill a little so we were slower during June. We continued supporting our genesis communities on Twitter and generally. Actively supported GItcoin, the TEC, GUstakes, Gardens, etc.
We got a lot of support in the Retroactive Funding proposal and will receive 9% of the funds.
We will have a big surprise in the works(HUGE KUDOS to Billyjitsu). BzzZzz

:star:Quests Swarm:

This month has been a great one for Quests since we had officially deploy the app on Gnosis chain. Not a lot of feature development but more a couple of adjustments and bug fixing for Quest swarm this month.

We are happy to announce that the Quest will be fully usable in 1 week with the Quest creation feature unlocked. We can’t wait to see the first quests appeared and are excited of receiving your feedback after all this MVP developement phase.

Thanks for reading so far. See you in a month for July’s Monthly Recap.