1 Hive Monthly Recap - May 2022

Welcome to 1Hive’s May Monthly Recap!

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Swarms Monthly Recap

:sunflower:Gardens Swarm

The Gardens Swarm completed an upgrade to how our contributors get compensated, in an effort to better attract and keep good contributors and to compensate based on value created more than time spent working.

Our new compensation model has 3 parts:

  1. Basic Income for Core Contributors
    Gardens Swarm contributors now get biweekly Basic Income paid in stablecoins, meant to serve as a living expenses wage that people can depend on if they actively contribute to Gardens. Pay increases with consecutive active periods to reward consistency. Here are the numbers for these payments:

  1. DAO-wide Retroactive Funding
    1Hive ran a successful pilot in Retroactive Funding, where working groups applied to earn streaming HNY tokens based on value they created so far this year. Gardens was the top-earning working group at 1Hive (wooo!) and chose to split its streaming HNY using Coordinape.

Retroactive Funding at 1Hive will now run every 3 months, and will likely grow to become a significant amount of income for top contributors.

  1. Bounties for New Contributors

Gardens uses DeWork for feature requests and bounties. Before becoming a Gardens core contributor (and getting Basic Income), freelancers can show off their talents by taking on a paid bounty for Gardens.

Gardens Growth Numbers:

  • of Gardens: 30
  • of Gardens members: 3,442
  • of Proposals: 280
  • Total $ in Common Pools: $7.67M
  • Total Gardens token liquidity on Honeyswap: $1.45M

:earth_americas:Terra Swarm:

Part of Terra Swarm has been working on translating Giveth’s documentation after our funding proposal passed. We are thinking of ways to export our service outside the 1hive ecosystem, and make Terra a fully working project.

:cactus:Agave Swarm:

After the exploit that happened on March 15th, Agave has worked relentlessly to make users whole. After numerous negotiations and propositions, GIP34 was published and obtained overwhelming support. All this means that all users affected by the exploit will get their agTokens back! 80% first, 20% within 2 years in 4 installments. Please, take a read at the GIP34 proposal.

We have published a reimbursement FAQ to help the users understand the next steps for Agave.

Our final step to proceed with the reimbursement is to move on with the loan from Karpatkey; We received the funds and in June the users willl be made whole.

We are thankful for the community’s patience, and we hope to move past this accident as soon as possible.

Follow our official channels to be up to speed.

Agave DAO, Discord, Telegram, Twitter

:honeybee:Buzz Swarm:

This month was very active for our team from the start.We had 2 onboarding calls this month with few people interested to contribute.Our team also worked this month with treasury swarm so we can grow our stable treasury even more with V2 hedgy-finance.Team also managed to get in contact with very interesting project(application) called Lighthouse where we got brief presentation of application from their team and future beta release where our team see very good potential and use case.From a social media perspective, we continued to get new followers across 1Hive - Honeyswap twitter pages. During the DNS hijack our team reacted very quickly with constant updates for all members of our community and users of honeyswap on all social medias - twitter/telegram/discord.


The NFBeez buzzed hard to complete their Retroactive Funding Proposal for the first quarter or 2022 and it was a success. Billy the dez is buzzing extremely hard to finish the DAO CUBE NFBeez project.This cube is very important for our collective future. It’s the first NFBee claimable asset. Our twitter is buzzing as usual. Gigadig is working on a cool land surprise for our community.Following in our altruistic ethos, this month we had a Mafia Creativa NFBee Giveaway. More to come.

:star:Quests Swarm:

Last month, Quests swarm completed the MVP scope successfully and has run an internal bug squash as well as stabilized the app. At the end of the month, we opened the beta test to the whole community (post link). In the meantime, we have fixed all discovered bugs and so we are now starting the release process.

We also took part in the Retroactive Funding pilot project (proposal link) and had a lot of support from the 1hive community (big thanks to :honeybee:s).

Oh almost forgot … we now have the Quests dapp available through this domain: quests.1hive.org



The treasury swarm continues to innovate. This past month the treasury swarm led by @iceman teamed up with the Beez team to create a new smart contract on top of hedgey’s token-infused NFT platform to sell discounted HNY with a timelock to anyone who owns an NFTBeez! Thus far the discounted sales have sold over 37HNY, resulting in $2,236 additional xDAI in the treasury swarm multi-sig. This was a huge success and evidence of great collaboration between the treasury team and the Beez swarm. While the sale continues the treasury swarm is looking at deploying its remaining 30 HNY as a public covered call on Hedgey’s ‘Moon market’, however we are deliberating the right time and pricing given the recent changes in the overall crypto markets. The treasury swarm multi-sig is now sitting on 15k of xDAI that can be utilized however the broader DAO sees fit, including funding proposals in a mix of xDAI and HNY instead of purely HNY, helping alleviate any downward sale pressure.

Stay safe, and see you for June’s Monthly Recap!