1 Hive Monthly Recap - March 2022

Dear Bees,
Here the March 2022 Monthly Recap.

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:sunflower:Gardens Swarm

News and Updates:

  • Ceramic Profiles - Gardens is in the process of upgrading user profiles to Ceramic, a more powerful tool for creating/reading/updating user profiles. Part of this upgrade will include a migration to NextJS
  • Fluid Proposals - a working group has been formed to begin modeling and building Fluid Proposals - a funding system for streaming tokens in Gardens using Superfluid and Osmotic Funding: ​​https://jardines.notion.site/Fluid-proposal-kickoff-f9052b766aae41bd9d7c5af3d6ed9182

Gardens growth numbers:

  • of Gardens: 29
  • of Gardens DAO Members: 3,322
  • of Gardens Proposals: 251
  • Total $ in Gardens Common Pools: $20.9M
  • Total Gardens liquidity on Honeyswap: $2.56M

:earth_americas:Terra Swarm:

No updates from Terra Swarm for this month.

:cactus:Agave Swarm:

What a month this has been for Agave. Unfortunately, on March 15th, Agave and 100Finance, two lending markets on Gnosis chain, suffered a reentrancy attack and most of the funds were stolen by a malicious hacker. This has come to great surprise and honest disappointment for all of us, as it has been absolutely terrible to see community members, seeds and over 700 addresses involved in some kind of losses.

Read more about the exploit here.

However, the response of the community, the devs, and the GC DeFi ecosystem in general has been amazing. We have worked relentlessly to mitigate the situation, having multiple calls with different entities and working on a fast solution to restore our money market protocol. Without pointing fingers, the general understanding is that both protocols and network share a percentage of the fault, and therefore we have commonly worked on finding solutions to effectively help all our users.

After numerous calls, discussions, negotiations, we have a solid plan that intends to restore the money market, reimburse users (80% as soon as contracts are unpaused, after the Gnosis Hard Fork, and 20% in future installments), preserve and even ameliorate Agave’s figure in the Gnosis Chain DeFi ecosystem. Our community has been reacting very positively, our token price even increased after the hack and on April 1st we reached our all time high of +10000 $AGVE in staking.

The next steps for Agave are quite straightforward at this point. We want to publish our reimbursement proposal, redeploy Agave as soon as the hard fork takes place, add new money markets and strengthen our partnership with Gnosis and other important players in the GC world.

These weeks have been rough, but we are thankful of having such a brilliant and strong community.

Agave DAO, Discord, Telegram, Twitter

:butterfly:Morphosis Swarm:

No updates from Morphosis Swarm

:honeybee:Buzz Swarm:

Hello 1Hive community !

For the month of march we had various activities that usually we are working on each month and also some new stuff that we started working on.

First thing is that we started to work on Onboarding ideas and completed the onboarding forms :
These forms will give us some idea about the new members and the next step will be getting them on call and helping them understand 1Hive by sharing our knowledge. Depending on their skills and interests, they will be sent to message members of different swarms, for example : Gardens, Buzz,Tulip, Celeste etc.

We also brainstormed some reward systems we can use to incentivize them completing smaller tasks at beginning if they are without experience or sending them to the swarms that they are interested in, if they are more experienced to get on calls.

We also coworking together with Twells and syncing on 1Hive TV, it is important for us to be on the same page with all 1Hive swarms.

We also organized Gitcoin Memepalooza event , kudos to zer8 for this initiative it was good event and we got closer with Gitcoin DAO community and we did rewarded some Nfbeez from Buzz and NFbeez budget together.

Some other activities that are important to us were a meetup with Giveth communications to sync on writing articles about supporting public goods, informing about how 1Hive,Giveth and Gitcoin as well as some other DAOs are doing this. Mrtdlgc already wrote 1 article , the next one will be more about 1Hive and Giveth.

We also had nice meetups with cool members and founders of Metagame, Dao Exchange , Doin Gud and we are open for any integrations with them in future if we come up with mutual ideas.

We had a really nice presentation about 1Hive on the Metagame discord server, thanks to Dosh for preparing the presentation and informing on everything that 1Hive accomplished and is working on. Pete the Metagame cofounder and other Metagame contributors were curious to hear about 1Hive.

Part of Buzz duties is maintaining and keeping our social media channels engaged,on this we kept working on in March, our most engaging social media channel remains to be Twitter and also Discord as our social messaging app.


As usual the NFBeez are buzzing hard and because spring is here we are even more motivated than ever to continue to provide value to our community. The biggest moves we made in March are:

  • +1000 followers on Twitter

  • we are almost at 1300 mints(with no paid promotions/ads)
    -we voted on more than one proposal in snapshot( check https://vote.nfbeez.xyz/ )

  • Billy( main dev) is working hard on a lot of stuff behind the curtains in order to continue building and innovating(more to come)

-Zer8(marketing lead) has spread his wings in more than one direction. Continually working on collabs and cool events that help the NFBeez and also 1Hive grow (Memepalooza, Bored David, XP network, CTC, Mafia Creativa)

  • we also participated in Memepalooza, co-presented the event, reping 1Hive(Buzz offered a LOT of support and 10 NFBees as prizes)

-working on an innovative NFT in collab with 1Hive/NFBee artists

:star:Quests Swarm:

This month they had a lot of development around the new design of Quest as well as fixing some bugs. This is our final step and once it will be completed and all bugs will be fixed, Quests will be officially released as the MVP :raised_hands:.

We will then try to figure out what is the next scope for further development as well as our post release strategy regarding project management.

PS : We also raised a funding campaign as a Gitcoin grant to gain some visibility in the outside world.



The treasury swarm is under active discussion of utilizing and redeploying ~ 100 HNY that has been deployed in the Hedgey Treasury Pools protocols. That has proven successful, and now the swarm has 12k xDAI in its multi-sig that can be used for general DAO purposes.

The treasury swarm is looking to chat with the broader DAO community on a few topics in the very near future:

  1. Evaluating and starting to utilize the stable coin balances, or at a minimum potentially make them available for proposal funding instead of HNY, for interested contributors and proposals.

  2. Deploy up to 70 HNY in the new Hedgey OTC protocol, that would allow us to sell HNY at a discount (considering up to 20%), but with a 6 month or 1 year time lock vesting on the tokens. The locked tokens would mint the buyers an NFT, representing their right to redeem and claim the HNY after the cliff vesting period has elapsed. These NFTs are also tradeable on secondary markets, and so buyers could get secondary liquidity before the vested dates. The goal of this is to convert responsibly more stable coins from HNY, but in a way where the HNY is locked and cannot hit liquid markets to impact the price.

  3. Redeploy a Treasury Pool (25 - 30HNY) with a longer dated expiration, potentially up to 6 months. The purpose here being to generate more income and yield on HNY, but allow a longer date for buyers to benefit from price appreciation of HNY in the long term, instead of just short term volatility and small pumps.

  • The swarm is going to start a forum on all of these subjects to get considerations for the general DAO members, as we want to ensure our ideas and incentives are aligned with the broader DAO.


The TV team continued to push out consistent live streaming content in March, with project guests Superfluid, ShapeShift, Moonjelly, POAPathon, and more!

Due to technical constraints, we are unable to stream to the original 1Hive YouTube channel. However, we continue to post interviews and highlights from the DAO News show and will expand to other programs in the near future.

In an effort to grow the broadcast, 1HTV started streaming on Twitch and a new YouTube channel simultaneously this month. We continue to host each broadcast in the 1Hive discord, but are planning to migrate over to Twitter Spaces as soon as possible. This will enable us to reach the entirety of CT with each program.

This month, 1HTV added two new biweekly shows (next episodes for both on Tues, 4/12!)

  • Late-Night with Billyjitsu (9:30 pm ET)
  • Paul2 Web3 (5:00 pm ET)

The current 1HTV broadcast schedule is as follows:

As always, thank you for reading so far. See you for the April Monthly Recap!